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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Now We Are "Gun Toting Tea Party Psycotards"

At least the progressives are getting creative with their name calling.  It used to be simply racists, or extremists, but Hudson City New York Alderman Dave Marston was so creative in an email exchange this week.

At issue is the fact that the Hudson Common Council is set to discuss a possible all-out gun ban on city owned property this evening. Johanna Johnson-Smith, a main organizer for the first NY SAFE Act protest rally in Albany last month, emailed Mr. Marston to tell him she was planning on attending the meeting. Marston's response was so dignified for a public servant.

(Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin who supports the 2nd Amendment posted the entire exchange on his Facebook page.)

Ms Johnson-Smith explains
As most of you know, the City of Hudson in Columbia County is discussing a City-Wide Gun Ban. No weapons would be allowed on ANY city-owned property. As State Organizer AND a resident of Columbia County, I WILL be at the meeting of Hudson's Legal Committee tomorrow night when they address this issue. About a week ago, I forwarded the very poignant letter from the Saratoga Deputy, to the Mayor and Alderman of Hudson, and stated that this was an example of how the majority of LEOs feel about the sad state of our country. I received a response from Alderman Dave Marston, and the guy just went OFF ! I am posting the exchange between myself and Mr. Marsten here for your opinions.
dave marston <>
Feb 19 (7 days ago)

to Johanna Johnson-Smith

What is this? Is this about the Pledge of Allegiance or the S.A.F.E. act? Is it a personal essay submission? I'm not clear why I was sent this and what purposes it purports to serve? Please Advise.

David Marston.
Joanna Johnson-Smith <>
Feb 19 (7 days ago)

to dave 

Dear Mr. Marston, This was sent to you as an Alderman of the City of Hudson, so you can see where 98% of NY Law Enforcement stand on the NY Safe Act before your Legal Committee decides to impose a Total Gun Ban in your city. The VERY few Law Enforcement Officers that support the Safe Act, about 2%, are all Democrats and Liberals who have never given a donkey's behind about the Constitutional Rights of the people who employ them. Patriotic Americans like the Deputy who wrote this letter, are incensed over the State and Federal attempts to disarm law-abiding Americans and spit on the Constitution. We all know what the REAL agenda is, and we will never allow it. Many of us will be at the meeting in Hudson on 2-27-2013 to make certain our voices are heard. 
JJ. Johnson-Smith NYS Organizer for Gun Rights Across America
New Lebanon,N.Y

David Marston <>
Feb 22 (4 days ago)

to me 
Dear Joanna Johnson-Smith,

Its really neat that all you gun toting tea party psychotards are so interested in the goings on of our little City, even though I find it amazing that you don't have any other pressing issues before you in New Lebanon. On the other hand, I guess its not surprising, considering you ideologues aren't interested in actual policy, but rather grandstanding on mythical narratives of victimization. 

Two things: The only spit here is the white stuff frothing on the ends of that rotten little mouth of yours from which you spew this hateful ignorant trash. And a donkeys behind? The rabid ignorance of the fringe is best illustrated by its sad metaphors, I mean seriously, thank you for the laughs.

By all means, come on down, we'll be happy to beat you barbarians back with the clubs of reason & responsibility, radical lunatics that you are. And say, a quick ProTip, since you're the "organizer" for unemployed guns nuts USA. Next time you think these unhinged rants will change the mind of anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence, you might instead just go back down into your basement & watch another episode of wheel-of-fortune. It'll certainly be just as effective. Remember: there are millions of Eagle Scout God Worshiping Patriots who find you & your radical ilk as disgraceful to American Democracy as the Brown Shirt jackboots you act like. I happen to be just one of them. Good Luck.

Best Regards,
David Marston.

Come on...That response deserves some king of award for Creative Nastiness! Allow me to suggest that you contact Mr. Marston at and tell him what you think of his creative nastiness (I wonder if the president will have Mr. Marston at the White House so he can be a prop at his next anti-Second Amendment speech.

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