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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank You Tea Party Network

The Tea Party News Network has been working hand and glove with the ACU to try to fix a big issue that cropped up at CPAC VERY EXPENSIVE INTERNET.

This year the event is at a new location. That’s the Gaylord National Resort in Maryland and believe it or not, bloggers were slated to pay for their own Internet at the event.

You’re probably thinking, “Believe it or not? I pay for my own Internet when I go to a hotel. So, what if these guys have to pay $10 a day. That’s no big deal.”

That would be true, except that because it’s a union run hotel that’s protected from competition, the cost is a little higher than that. Guess how much bloggers were going to pay to have Internet for the event?

$50? Not quite.

$100? You’re still not even close.

150 dollars. No.

It was going to be $250 a head for bloggers to get the Internet that would allow them to properly cover the event they were there to report on in the first place. These aren’t reporters from MSNBC or CNN, who can just shrug their shoulders and have the company cover it. Most conservative bloggers have day jobs and they’re already shelling out a lot of money to travel to the event, get a hotel and cover all the other expenses that go along with an event like this.

In other words, it’s NOT cheap and adding $250 to their bill might have kept them from being able to attend at all. Moreover, what image would that have presented for the conservative movement?

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