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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Looks Like A Trend-> Mother Jones' David Corn Also Lied To Readers About Romney Tape

Earlier today it was revealed that David Corn, the Mother Jones "reporter" who posted the tape of the Mike McConnell campaign discussion changed some important words in the transcript to make is seem that opposition research was being done by senate staffers while they on the taxpayer payroll.

This was not the first time Corn has been caught twisting the evidence. That famous 47% Romney video was fraudulently edited also.

One of the controversies coming from that video was  Romney’s remarks about the peace process in the Middle East. The video was edited to make it look like the candidate was against trying to make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians---the liberal media went crazy over that comment.

However what Romney said was he will not push for peace until the Palestinians show they are ready to negotiate. The candidate saw the situation for what it is, that the Palestinians don’t want peace and until that changes, stability is the chief goal.

Eventually (after the controversy dominated a few news cycles with Corn saying there were no edits in the tape) Corn admitted the tape was doctored...but he didn't believe it was a substantial difference

In the video below Megyn Kelly shows the two different versions of the decide.

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