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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You Can't Fix STUPID! Democrats Use Boston Tragedy to Push Political Agenda

Man oh Man that didn't take very long. Congressional Democrats are back to the end of the world apocalypse-type statements--they are tying the  sequester to Boston terror bombings:

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) charged Tuesday that Monday’s bombings in Boston is proof that sequestration endangers the U.S.

Hoyer argued during his weekly pen and pad meeting with reporters that “sequestration is a stupid policy” and that the Boston incident is further proof that it is unwise to cut off funding that could safeguard Americans’ security.

The Whip emphasized that despite sequestration, law enforcement was using all the resources available to determine what happened at the Boston marathon and to ensure that whoever was behind the attacks would be brought to justice. He added that he does not believe sequestration will hinder the investigation at this time.
Rep. Xavier Becerra of California, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said that the first responders working in Boston Monday weren't sheltered from cuts.
“We have to send you less money to help your first responders,” Becerra said.
Of course no discussion of stupidity in the House of Representatives would be complete without mentioning Sheila Jackson Lee. There is a special place in idiot school for Sheila Jackson Lee.
I serve as well, Mr. Speaker, on the Homeland Security committee, and I think it is important to say and be honest that the seekester (sic) is devastating to America's Homeland Security. We are feeling the pain along with our colleagues of the tragedies that have occurred. The attempted Times Square bombing. The successful bombing in Boston. The speaker of the House needs to immediately appoint budget conferees to move us forward, to conference, and to get rid of the sequester [that] was not the fault of the American people.
Yes she called it the seekster first. 

And in the senior category we have Elmer Fudd  er Barney Frank who just wont go away--- on MSNBC he used the bombing to call for higher taxes
I'm talking common sense. I'm saying that if the sequester had gone through, and we had not had enough money we wouldn't be able to do this. Yeah. I'm making an argument about reality. And I think that's the only sensible response. We are spending a great deal of public money here. I'm glad that we are. And yes. I do want maybe for this to have some people be less enthusiastic of reducing the ability to respond to a crisis like this. You're asking me am I trying to make an argument to affect how people make decisions about public policy? Absolutely. I think this is an important teaching moment about what we need if we're going to live the way we want to live.
Come on Barney you just got married...go on a honeymoon and leave us the hell alone.

What happened yesterday was a horrible tragedy, NOT an opportunity to score political points. At least that's what anyone with a sense of morality would say.

But what Rahm Emanuel said five short years ago has become the Democratic mantra "Never let a crisis go to waste." These disgusting people should not be allowed to serve in public office!


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

We will not forget...

Jonathan Rogers said...

Absolutely. I was surprised it took Democrats as long as they did to use what happened in Boston to further their political agenda. In fact I would have been surprised if they DIDN'T use what happened to score political points but as usual they have never failed to meet my expectations (however low) of them. I do hope that whoever was behind it is caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (though I'd settle for finding them and putting a bullet in their head and calling it a day) but any claim by Obama that they will bring them to justice is just hot air (like Bengazi where we have heard nothing since it happened and no hope of ever seeing justice done for that event) until something is actually done. Democrats make me wonder if there is justification for requiring an intelligence test and a common sense test before allowing someone to vote or hold public office. Perhaps we might get better leaders if we didn't allow the morons of America to vote or run for office.