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Sunday, April 28, 2013

UH-Oh RINOs Start Drive To Force Christie Down Our Throats

It's beginning, the liberal wing of the GOP who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney are beginning their drive to give us another loser in 2016, New Jersey governor Chris  Christie (seen above showing off his new tattoo. 

Chris Christie is not the candidate to ignite the base in fact he might be the candidate to cause conservatives to form a third party.  On many issues important to conservatives such as: support for the 2nd Amendment, Obamacare, the global warming hoax, and sealing our borders before any comprehensive immigration plan Christie is more liberal than many Democrats.

According to the Newark Star Ledger, Christie is going to Utah as a featured speaker at a conference of donors and "thought leaders" the former presidential candidate is hosting in Park City, Utah.
The gathering, dubbed "Experts and Enthusiasts," will bring together bigwigs from the worlds of politics, philanthropy and policy, according to Romney adviser Beth Myers. It will be held June 6-7.

"Mitt views Governor Christie as an incredibly effective governor, one of the future leaders of the party and as a person the conference attendees would want to hear," Myers said in an e-mail message. "Many of the attendees know Governor Christie well because he was an early and solid Romney supporter."

The conference — sponsored by Solamere, the venture capital firm co-founded by Romney’s oldest son, Tagg — gives Christie another opportunity to expand his national donor base.

"For whatever you say about Romney, he had a tremendous fundraising network," said a Republican familiar with his presidential campaign. "Those people are loyal to him and there’s no question Christie could use their help."

Several of the wealthy donors who pressed Christie to seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination jumped over to Team Romney once Christie made it clear in October 2011 he wasn’t running.
One of the reasons Presidential campaigns are more about personalities and fake issues than a true discussion of how to best help this country is there's been one Democratic Party candidate and a GOP candidate who positions are Democratic Party "lite."  If a Chris Christie candidacy is forced down our throats by the GOP leadership the party will face a bigger loss than it did in 2012.  After-all, why vote for the carbon copy Democrat when you can have the original


Dai said...

I voted for McCain and Romney, holding my nose. This time, I will only vote GOP if they are Tea Party, Constitutional Conservatives. In fact, I am working with the American Patriot Party and that genre. I would vote for Cruz, for example, but Christie? Hell, I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher in.... well, what ever county or city he was running in.

I will not vote again to keep the other guy out. It doesn't work. It has never worked. But almost every election since Nixon, that is the way it has been. I am done with the GOP.

Dai said...

Nope: Not voting to keep the other guy out, ever again. It has never worked and that I have done since Nixon. Put all the RINOs you want on the ticket. No vote. Only tea party candidates, or constitutional conservatives, but I am looking hard at the American Patriot Party as a solution. No more, GOP, no more.

Jeff Dunetz said...


Sorry I don't publish comments if the submitter doesn't have a public profile. I also don't publish comments with Batty birther theories.

I live in the real world--perhaps you should also.

Jeff Dunetz said...


You keep posting comments without a public email. Not allowed.

So Instead of trying to play with the adults go back to your room take your meds and dream of new conspiracies.