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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Apology To Glenn Beck

Last night after seeing the tape of Glenn Beck's NRA speech it became apparent to me that Glenn had created an image of NY Mayor Micheal Bloomberg giving a Nazi Salute--it was so apparent-- that I was wrong.

The image Beck used was that of Lenin and not a Nazi salute.

While criticizing Beck for picture I did not believe he intentionally meant to hurt or offend. Hopefully Glenn Beck will realize that my offense was not a purposeful mistake and that he will accept my apology.

But as for Mayor Bloomberg, no apology there...I still believe he is a statist, a nanny stater, a socialist/fascist maybe and and definitely an arrogant a-hole who believes he has the power to take away our freedoms.


Anonymous said...

I hear that the NRA members in attendance and those watching on Fox News started chanting: Bloomberg is Владимир Ильич Ленин! because they are all so versed in Leninist iconography. None of them saw any Nazi imagery when the image was flashed on the screen except for... maybe ... what Beck called "the Sieg Heil salute," which was just an insignificant part of the image, and hardly worth noting. I mean, why would Lenin be giving a Sieg Heil salute? That Elmer Gantry/Lonesome Rhodes sure is clever. He even fooled his own audience.

SteveCohenMusic said...

Lenin wasn't wearing an armband in that picture. Bloomberg had an armband in Beck's graphic. The Nazi association is still valid.