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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MUST WATCH VIDEO: O'Reilly Confronts Juan Williams Defense of Holder "LISTEN TO YOURSELF JUAN!"

If you missed tonight's O'Reilly factor you missed a classic Bill O'Reilly/Juan Williams Dual (Juan was outmatched).  Williams is clinging to his contention that it is perfectly fine that Eric Holder is investigating Eric Holder's Department of Justice conduct in the investigation of leaks to AP and Fox New's James Rosen.

It started with O Reilly going after Williams defense of Holder saying the AG couldn't see everything
That was lame. Come on, even you – ‘can’t see everything’? This is big, Juan. When a guy comes and says […] we’re going to look at the phone records of a Fox News correspondent, you look at everything.”

Williams charged that it’s a matter of national security. O’Reilly agreed with that reasoning in The Associated Press phone records case, but with Rosen’s case he said, “It’s about accusing Rosen in a stupid affidavit which I hope you’ve read -- it’s stupid -- of being part of a conspiracy to out a source in North Korea.”

O’Reilly said, “Everybody knows that’s fallacious and dumb and never happened, including Holder, yet he signed off on it.”

“You’ve got to distinguish between a Julian Assange in the WikilLeaks case or Daniel Ellsberg in the Pentagon Papers case – these people are leakers. Rosen is a real journalist,” Williams said.

“So what are you saying now?” O’Reilly interrupted. “You’re saying that Holder made a foolish mistake and your defense of Holder is he can’t see everything. That’s absurd!”

Things only escalated from there with O’Reilly shouting “show us the memo” in regards to the DOJ’s apparent attempt to alert the parent company of Fox News Channel that they were investigating Rosen. The Factor host shouted, “And then you, Juan Williams, after all this, tell Hume – who I think wanted to punch you – that Holder should investigate all of this himself. How absurd is that!?”

Williams maintained that Holder is “exactly the right guy to investigate this.”

O’Reilly slammed, “Juan, watch the replay of the Factor tonight. Listen to yourself! You are saying that this guy who made all these mistakes, Holder, should investigate himself. […] He signed off on it!”

The confrontation is MUCH better on video (watch it below)

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