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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why is Human Rights Watch Rewarding Terrorism (Again)?

Human Rights Watch (HRW) a supposed "Human Rights" Group  is famous for inventing and/or twisting facts to slander Israel and at times the United States. They have a simple strategy, Advocacy not Accuracy.  HRW is famous for inventing and/or twisting facts to support terrorists either overtly or by inference. And the latest example is their announcement earlier this week that  it selected Mona Seif, an Egyptian terrorist sympathizer who calls Israel the “real terrorist,” as a finalist for the prestigious Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders.

According to the Washington Free Beacon
Critics quickly accused HRW and the other nonprofits responsible for selecting Seif of perverting the award by selecting a radical figure who has preached terrorism against Israel.

Egyptian human rights activist Amr Bakly expressed shock on Twitter upon learning that Seif was a finalist for the human rights award.
“#Martin_Ennals_Award not for a terrorists supporters .. Mona Saif [sic] is a terrorist suppoerter [sic]!,” Bakly tweeted.
The watchdog group UN Watch additionally petitioned the Martin Ennals Foundation to take Seif out of the running for the honor.
“We urge you, as Chair of the Jury and Secretary of the Board, to immediately cancel Ms. Seif’s nomination on grounds of her public advocacy of violence against civilians, terrorism and war crimes, which is in gross breach of the Award criteria of ‘promotion and protection of human rights,’ the group wrote to foundation head Hans Thoolen.
....UN Watch petitioned HRW to cancel Seif’s nomination in an April 30 letter to executive director Kenneth Roth.
“We are shocked to learn that Human Rights Watch has joined with others in naming Mona Seif of Egypt as one of three Final Nominees for the 2013 Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders—termed by some ‘the Nobel for human rights’—on whose jury you play a key role,” the letterstates.
On twitter HRW's nominee Seif has encouraged terrorism with tasty >140 character nuggets such as:
“People of [Sinai], Our gas is being pumped again to Israel, Plz do something about it,” Seif wrote in a July 2011 tweet that included that hash tag “Fuck Israel.”

She also promoted the Palestinian violence in a November 2012 tweet: “You don’t ask an occupied nation to stop their ‘Resistance’ to end violence!!! SHAME ON YOU!”

Seif criticized HRW watch after the group called on Palestinians to halt their deadly rocket attacks against Israel.

“An occupied nation fighting back but HRW asks :’Palestinian Groups Need to Halt Rocket Attacks on Civilians’ SHAME ON YOU… #FuckIsrael,” Seiftweeted.

Seif has not retreated from her extremist stance, only doubling down in subsequent tweets in recent days.

“We support the resistance of the palestinian nation against Israel,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “I didn’t fool anyone or hide my thoughts.”

“i support a nation’s right to resist occupation!” she added in a follow up tweet. “Sending me tweets calling me a terrorist wont change the fact that real terrorist is Israel.”
Ken Roth (pictured above) the head of HRW and his organizationrefuses to recognize terrorist attacks against Israel as provocative. For example,  in Jan 2008,  Joe Stork of HRW wrote a 34 paragraph long letter bashing Israel. Only two sentences of that tome mentioned the Hamas rocket attacks. In  Stork's toxic tome HRW claims that Gaza remains “occupied." At first I thought Mr. Stork hadn't read a newspaper in a few years, because Israel pulled out of Gaza three years earlier. But his omission was totally on purpose.

The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv conducted some research on the HRW reporter Joe Stork and published an expose' which proved that Stork is is a fanatical supporter of the elimination of Israel. He was a friend of Saddam, ruled out negotiations and supported the Munich Massacre, which “provided an important boost in morale among Palestinians.”

Stork is typical of the HRW investigator, but he is not the most heinous. This past September it was discovered that HRW military expert, Marc Garlasco the man responsible for many of the bogus Anti-Israel reports, was a big fan of Nazi memorabilia, he has a giant collection. At first HRW didn't think that this was an issue, but after a few days of controversy (and loss of donations) HRW suspended and got rid of the Nazi fan. Before he left  Garlasco became a major contributor to the anti-Israel  Goldstone Report.

Human Rights Watch's publications on Gaza were discredited following the exposure of the obsession with Nazi memorabilia and false claims of its "senior military expert," Marc Garlasco. But nevertheless his allegations were adopted in this report without any independent investigation, with no acknowledgement of Hamas terrorism and use of human shields, and despite the testimony of military experts who exposed Mr. Garlasco's fictions. Indeed, Mr. Goldstone's long relationship with Human Rights Watch, including his membership on its board, was more evidence of the bias in the Goldstone inquiry.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report that labeled the death of Mohammed al Dura (now proven to be a hoax)   as “a case of indiscriminate and illegal use of force.” Containing many of the false witness reports. Again without one iota of investigation. This was followed up with a  press releases saying the  al Dura "killing" was a quid pro quo for Palestinian Bombings of School buses.

Even HRW founder Robert Bernstein objects to what the organization has become. He  published an article in the New York Times (“Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast”), strongly criticizing the organization for ignoring severe human rights violations in closed societies, for its anti-Israel bias, and for “issuing reports...that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state.” Bernstein expanded on these ideas in a lecture at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (November 2010), and noted that “Human Rights Watch’s attacks on almost every issue [have] become more and more hostile [toward Israel].”

The selection of Mona Saif as a nominee for such a prestigious human rights award is additional proof that this organization is poorly named. Its purpose now and ever since Ken Roth took the reigns of this organization is to support/explain away terrorist activity and hatred.

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