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Friday, June 21, 2013

Did Hillary Clinton Endorse Sarah Palin For President Today?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton posted a speech on You Tube today where she discussed significance of America electing its first female president.

In the video (embedded below) Clinton told a Canadian audience that she hoped the U.S. would elect a woman to the White House because it would send "exactly the right historical signal" to men, women and children. She said women in politics need to "dare to compete" and the nation needs to "take that leap of faith."
"Let me say this, hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime," Clinton said at a women's conference in Toronto on Thursday night. "And whether it's next time or the next time after that, it really depends on women stepping up and subjecting themselves to the political process, which is very difficult."
The former secretary of state told the cheering audience that she would "certainly vote for the right woman to be president."

Obviously Clinton couldn't be talking about herself.  After all she is facing three huge scandals surrounding her four-year tenure as Secretary of State such as the attack in Benghazi where she ignored pleas for more security which lead to the death of four Americans, told a lie to the people and then tried to bully her subordinates into silence.

Or the scandal where the Department covered up an entire series of bad behavior  including allegations that a State Department security official in Beirut “engaged in sexual assaults” with foreign nationals hired as embassy guards and the charge and that members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security detail “engaged prostitutes while on official trips in foreign countries” — a problem the report says was “endemic.”  That was followed up with the harassment of the whistle blower.

And if that wasn't enough there is the latest scandal where two senior members of the Diplomatic Security Service (DS) of the State Department lied under oath while giving a deposition in a lawsuit against the State Department. That's an issue Clinton should be aware of since her husband was disbarred for lying under oath about his relationship with a White House intern while giving a deposition in a lawsuit.

Ms Clinton isn't an idiot. A  woman with that kind of record cannot possibly be considering running herself --so her comments must have meant she was endorsing a different women to be the first female commander-in-chief, perhaps even Sarah Palin.


Rightmindedmom said...

I know you meant that last sentence as toung-in-cheek, but I pray every day that Sarah runs for President, and that God gives me a small, almost insignificant roll in making it happen.
Mom in Wisconsin

Joe Kidd said...

Whether it's all the different State Department scandals we're just learning about, or her involvement with Benghazi, i.e., the repeated denials of security coupled with the arming of Al-Qaeda terrorists BEFORE the attack, the murder of four Americans DURING the attack, and the role she STILL plays in the cover up AFTER the attack, Hillary Clinton is not fit be to be dog catcher.

The following links (in reverse chronological order) begin to touch on how dangerous this treasonous Alinskyite really is. It reads like a rap sheet:

Some links on the State Department scandal...

Whistleblower says State Department trying to bully her into silence

Scandal of State: Hookers, affairs, pedophiles
'It's cover-up after cover-up. It's absolutely hideous'

State Dept IG: US Ambassador 'solicited prostitutes, including minors'

CBS News: State Department cover-ups range from prostitution to drug rings...

Exclusive: Bombshell memo reveals State Department hired agents with criminal records...

Hillary's Chief of Staff and longtime aide quashed State Department investigation into scandals