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Friday, July 19, 2013

Syrian Rebels Say Assad Gave Chemical Weapons to Hezbollah: Threat to Israel AND US Mainland

Here is a scary thought, Fahad al Masri the spokesman for the Free Syrian Army (the opposition) claims that  in recent weeks, Syrian President Assad has make two separate shipments of Chemical Weapons to the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon
Fahad al Masri told the Lebanese news website El Nashra that international security forces were aware of the shipments. His comments were not confirmed by any other sources.
He added that the weapons were delivered from an area near the capital Damascus and arrived in Lebanon sometime in the past several weeks.

The transfer of the weapons, al Masri told El Nashra, was coordinated by Syria and Iran. 

“We cannot now provide more details but certainly all the international security agencies know this information,” he added.

The claims have yet to be verified by other sources.
Even with this news the terrorist appeasers in the European Union refuse to label Hezbollah a terrorist group. Or some like the UK only label their military wing as terrorists, maintain relations with the "political wing." It's like saying the Marines have nothing to do with the President...its complete nonsense.

If true this latest news in not only an obvious threat to Israel, but the United States since the terrorist group has established itself in South America.
Analysts agree that Hezbollah started its infiltration of Latin America in the mid-1980s, establishing its first major stronghold in the Tri-Border Area, a relatively lawless region along the frontiers of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. From this base deep in the heart of South America, Hezbollah set up illicit enterprises to fund its operations in the Middle East and elsewhere, analysts say. Among the organization's reported major undertakings are money-laundering, counterfeiting, piracy and drug trafficking.

By all accounts, those illegal activities are quite lucrative. A 2004 study for the Naval War College determined that Hezbollah's operations in the Tri-Border Area generated about $10 million annually. A 2009 Rand Corporation report said Hezbollah netted around $20 million a year in the area. As a result, says Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of the book "Funding Evil," the Tri-Border Area constitutes Hezbollah's most significant source of independent funding.
Don't be surprise if there is a surprise bombing in Lebanon to prevent these weapons being used.

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