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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Conservative Call for Capital One To Fire Alec Baldwin is Picking Up Steam

 Last week, My friend John Hawkins reached out to Jimmy LaSalvia and the two of us were able to get more than 25 conservatives to call on Capital One to fire Alec Baldwin for the homophobic comments he made.

Since then, the call to fire Alec Baldwin has gotten a lot of attention from outlets including, but not limited to Breitbart, Fox News, New York Daily News, The Washington Examiner, The Drudge Report, The San Francisco Gate, Gateway Pundit, Lucianne, Seattle PI, Mr. Conservative, Newsmax, MSN and even 3 News in New Zealand.

Are you upset that Capital One is giving the thumbs up to Baldwin’s homophobic comments by keeping him on as its spokesman? Are you sick of the double standard that says liberals like Baldwin can get away with saying things that conservatives can’t? Do you just think it’s disrespectful to conservatives for Capital One to have someone like Alec Baldwin as its spokesman?

Great, then sign on to the petition asking Capital One to fire Baldwin **** here ****, spread this article on Twitter and Facebook, contact Capital One to respectfully ask that the company dump Baldwin and help us keep the pressure on.


1 comment:

sepepp said...

Why? The man makes funny commercials and is a proven comedic entertainer. It's only when he swerves into serious political discussion that his radically left/wacko nature is revealed. Ho hum. He has ZERO affect on the way I live, unlike certain elected officials in Wash DC. I would not want anyone calling for me to be canned from my professional job, which has absolutely NOTHING in common with my personal & political views.