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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why John Hawkins, Adam Baldwin and Vodkapundit Are No Longer My Friends

Regular readers of this site know John Hawkins is not only a great blogger but he is  was a good friend.  I love his stuff--he does great interviews and comes up with the best list posts. But that friendship ends today along with a few others.

Today on his site Right Wing News, John has a post called the 20 Hottest Conservative Men in The New Media For 2013. Like I said his list posts are usually great but this one I found very insulting.  Especially when I realized that I was not on the list! Look at the picture on the right...haver you EVER seen a hotter Segway rider.

What the hell does he think I am--a liberal? Or does he think I am OLD media (it can't be that I am not hot). Granted he didn't write it but it WAS published on his site so he must take responsibility.

And then you look at some of the names on the list.

Adam Baldwin? Until today Adam was one of my favorite people but hotter than ME? NO WAY! John is obviously sucking up for a casting recommendation if they ever do a Chuck reunion special. Big Deal! When I
did Oklahoma in summer stock I was Curly--the lead! I even had the hair for the role.

 Let me tell you something Mr. Hawkins, if they cast me in the next Broadway revival--you get nothing! No role, no free tickets, no free Raisinettes at intermission-you get bupkus- NOTHING!

And Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit? Come on!  Nice guy, great read both on his blog and on twitter, but he is no me either! When Stephen was picked over me John was obviously as drunk the Vodkapundit usually is.

Tucker Carlson? Tucker"effing"Carlson? Cute maybe...but HOT? How'd that happen John? Are you trying to get a job with the Daily Caller?

I can't go over this feelings are too hurt. Click here to go to the site of my former friend and look at all 20 of these men who are supposedly hotter than I am---Someone needs a new set of glasses.  Sheesh talk about being disloyal.

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Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

You need to emphasize that Segway skills matter! Clearly they did not take that into consideration!