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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Fort Hood Terrorist Wants To Be Executed: JUST DO IT!

Army Maj. Nidal Hasan is representing himself in the the trial for his shooting rampage which killed14 people at Fort Hood 4 years ago (most news sites claim 13 deaths, but an unborn child was also killed). Two defense attorneys were assigned to help him in his defense over Hasan's objections.

Now the two "helper attorneys" are telling the judge they're concerned the former psychiatrist is working with prosecutors to be sentenced to death.
On Wednesday, one of those attorneys, Lt. Col. Kris Poppe, argued that he and his fellow standby defense attorneys were concerned that Hasan is "working in concert with prosecution in achieving the death sentence."

Poppe told the court that he and Hasan's two other attorneys, Lt. Col. Christopher Martin and Maj. Joseph Marcee, "do not want to be forced to help him get to the death penalty." Poppe called Hasan's trial performance "repugnant."

Poppe said that he disagreed with decisions Hasan made during jury selection, but the judge dismissed that, saying, "At first blush, that is just a difference in strategy." The judge pressed lawyers to clarify exactly what they wanted and described their motion as being "at war within itself."

Hasan objected to Poppe's characterization of his defense stating, "Colonel Poppy has made an assertion that is inaccurate. I would like to clarify that."
The judge said she would allow Hasan to articulate his objections but in a private, ex-parte hearing behind closed doors. Hasan objected to the proceeding, but the judge still closed court to hear arguments on the motion.
Colonel Poppy is forgetting something, this is America, "Land of the Free." Heck the eyes of the world are watching this trial, and the Judge should consider that when making his ruling.  In other words...if the terrorist/traitor wants to be executed who are we to argue?  Lets give this murderer his wish. My only suggestion is that it is a very slow and painful death, followed by a burial in lard.

1 comment:

Findalis said...

Instead of giving Hasan, I hope he is found guilty and given life in prison with no parole. Can you imagine his anger, his frustration, our revenge as he sits in a small cell, day in, day out? Imagine years of pain and frustration. Imagine our revenge.

No 72 virgins for this guy.