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Monday, October 7, 2013

Obama Acting Like Vindictive Child With National Parks Shutdown

As soon as the sequester took effect on March 1st, 2013, the Obama administration did it's best to make sure the budget cuts would punish he American people; eliminating White House tours, closing small airports, releasing criminal illegal immigrants  (oops I forgot I have been asked not to use that term) criminally trespassing aliens back onto the streets are just some of the examples of the President purposely ensuring the budget cuts would have the biggest public effect possible on the voters.

As with the sequester, this President is using the shutdown of 17% of the government to punish the American voters into submission.  For example case of open-air monuments that have no physical barrier, such as the World War II memorial in downtown D.C., the White House has ordered park police to take the extra step of making sure no one can get to the memorials.  This led to the now famous incident where WWII veterans, who took an "honor flight"  to D.C.  went through the temporarily erected barricades to visit their monument.

The owner of the Pisgah Inn off the Blue Ridge Parkway was rudely closed down by federal officials on Friday, The Inn is a private business that receives no federal money, but happens to be located near a park run by the National Park Service. Does this seem like the behavior of a representative government that respects people’s private property rights?

Owner of the Inn Bruce O’Connell complained:All we do is pay the government money. We don’t take anything from them.”

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm announced on Wednesday that NPS has ordered it to suspend operations until Congress agrees to a deal to fund the federal government.

According to Anna Eberly, managing director of the farm, NPS sent law enforcement agents to the park on Tuesday evening to remove staff and volunteers from the property.
“You do have to wonder about the wisdom of an organization that would use staff they don’t have the money to pay to evict visitors from a park site that operates without costing them any money,” she said.

The park withstood prior government shutdowns, noting in a news release that the farm will be closed to the public for the first time in 40 years.

“In previous budget dramas, the Farm has always been exempted since the NPS provides no staff or resources to operate the Farm,” Eberly explained in an emailed statement.

“In all the years I have worked with the National Park Service … I have never worked with a more arrogant, arbitrary and vindictive group representing the NPS,” Eberly said.
 Perhaps the most ridiculous example of Obama trying to punish the American people is this:

Far from Mount Rushmore there are areas where motorists can pull over and take pictures of the monument.  However the Park Service put up cones to prevent motorists from taking pictures.  There was a big snow on Friday so the cones were taken down, but it will be interesting to see if they are put back up once the snow is cleared.

There are more examples of how the president is taking "vengeance" upon the American people. Where this administration has ensured that parks and monuments, that are open air such as the WWII memorial or are completely funded and maintained by private dollars such as the Claude Moore Farm and the Pisgah Inn.

This isn't a President who cares for the American People, it is a thin skinned vindictive child who, if he doesn't get his way, lashes out at everyone he can.  His park shut down is just one more example of his childish personality.

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