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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Another Study Proves Global Warming is Result of Natural Cycle- Not Man-Made

A new peer-reviewed study concludes that the global warming trend which ended 17-years-years ago was a natural, rather than a man-made phenomenon.

According to he paper, in the latest edition of the Journal Climate Dynamics ‘unpredictable climate variability’ (large-scale circulation patterns in the atmosphere and ocean such as is El Niño/La Niña)  behave in a more predictable way than previously thought.
The paper’s authors, Marcia Wyatt and Judith Curry, point to the so-called ‘stadium-wave’ signal that propagates like the cheer at sporting events whereby sections of sports fans seated in a stadium stand and sit as a ‘wave’ propagates through the audience. In like manner, the ‘stadium wave’ climate signal propagates across the Northern Hemisphere through a network of ocean, ice, and atmospheric circulation regimes that self-organize into a collective tempo.

What makes this study interesting is it explains the the global warming pause which wasn't predicted by any of the so called climate models, and it suggest the global warming hoaxers have underestimated the role of natural cycles and exaggerated the role of greenhouse gases.
The research comes amid mounting evidence that the computer models on which the IPCC based the gloomy forecasts of a rapidly warming planet in its latest report, published in September, are diverging widely from reality.

The graph shown above, based on a version published by Dr Ed Hawkins of Reading University on his blog, Climate Lab Book, reveals that actual temperatures are now below the predictions made by almost all the 138 models on which the IPCC relies.
According to Curry, a number of cycles in the temperature of air and oceans, and the level of Arctic ice, take place across the Northern hemisphere over decades. According to Curry and Wyatt, the theory may explain both the warming pause and why the computer models did not forecast it. In other words most the warming that happened in the years before the pause was due not to greenhouse gas emission but due to the natural wave pattern, proving once again that the business-killing carbon policies the Obama administration and other government's across the world are all for naught. Or to put it another way, Man Plans and God Laughs. 

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