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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rasmussen: Obamacare Disapproval Reaches Highest Point In Year

If you believe the progressive pundits, approval of Obamacare is growing and the majority of Americans want the program fixed instead of repealed. On Monday, Rasmussen proved that both those points wrong

According to today's release only 38% of likely voters a favorable opinion of Obamacare, that's seven points lower than the 45% of  a month ago.

Fifty-eight percent don't like the bill which is  up five points from last month and the highest percentage since early January.

Only 11% of voters say they have been helped by the President's signature bill but almost 30% say they have been hurt by it (54% say  there has bee no impact).

Almost two thirds (62%) if Americans believe that increased free market competition will do more to reduce health care costs than more government regulation.  And  56% say within states would do more to reduce competition than one national standard.

And most importantly, despite what you might have heard from the talking progressive heads, only 35% describe the new health care law as good for America, and 55% favor repealing it.

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