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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mia Love: The Best Thing About Jim Matheson Retiring From Congress

Rep. Jim Matheson, (D-Utah) announced his retirement on Tuesday not only opening the door for a GOP takeover of the Utah's 4th Congressional district seat, but advancing the candidacy of a future Republican superstar---Mia Love.   I met her at CPAC a few years back and she is the real thing. Mayor Love is a tea party conservative who can explain her positions without alienating moderates.

Mayor of Saratoga Springs Mayor, came from way behind in 2012 lost to Matheson by 768 votes in 2012. She got a jump on the GOP competition by kicking off her campaign early this cycle and supposedly has already raised $700k for her campaign in this R+16 district.
“I think Mia Love is too formidable right now,” said Kirk Jowers, director of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics. “She has the name ID, the money and now she has Dave Hansen who is about the most respected campaign manager. So if you’re taking a look at your ability to win, it’s hard to see anybody who doesn’t start out behind in all major campaign considerations.”
Utah Republicans said Love has been aggressively campaigning and fundraising, setting herself up for a strong performance at the April 26 state nominating convention. If she wins 60 percent of the locally elected delegates, Love will emerge with the nomination — as she did last cycle.

Mayor Love released this statement upon the announcement of Congressman Matheson retirement:
“Congressman Matheson has served our state with passion and has been a dedicated public servant during his tenure in Congress,” Love said. “His announcement today does not change my campaign to represent the people of Utah’s 4th congressional district. I wish Congressman Matheson the very best during his final year as Congressman.”
Below is some of Mayor Love's speech at the 2012 Republican Convention---Get to know her, this woman is going places.

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