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Thursday, January 2, 2014

DOJ Spending $544K to Improve its LinkedIn Profile-Somebody Teach Holder The Meaning of the Word Deficit

Hello??? Is anyone listening in the government? The Democrats are crying about extending unemployment benefits, the GOP wants to cut spending and the Department of Justice has granted $544,338 to a government IT company to improve its company profile on LinkedIn.

Are they idiots? Granted in the scheme of things a half of a million dollars isn't a lot of money, but come on!

The contract with Carahsoft Technology Corporation will give the government “unlimited access” to each of LinkedIn’s 250 million users through the website’s “Recruiter” service, the Washington Free Beaconfirst reported.
The DOJ's Criminal Division will use to profile to post job advertisements and seek potential hires, the online newspaper said.

“This will include an enhanced company profile within a large-scale, professional networking platform, and targeted online job advertising to attract highly-qualified Criminal Division employees and intern applicants as well as use the already existing Criminal Division presence,” the contract said.

“The LinkedIn services will … provide unlimited access to names and full profiles of all profiles in the LinkedIn database,” according to a description of the deal, WFB reported. “No other vendor has access to this wealth of user information … This will allow our ads to be served to qualified, potential applicants in a highly targeted manner.”
Are there idiots running the Justice Dept. or has everybody who works for Eric Holder lost their subscription to a newspaper. Perhaps they just don't care. The country is spending more money than it's been in all the papers. We are wasting money on fixing linked in listings?

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Jeff Dunetz said...

As in Afghanistan, we should just leave the Middle East, stop funding Israel and support Palestine's membership in the UN. Why do we keep playing this stupid game decade after decade.