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Thursday, January 23, 2014

WOOT! My 8th Blogiversary

January 23rd is the 8th anniversary of the first time I posted here at The Lid (that's 56 in dog years). Back then it was called Yidwithlid and instead of Jeff Dunetz I used a pseudonym Sammy Benoit.  Eventually I discovered  Yidwithlid said to potential readers that only Jewish articles were posted here. Well that and Daniel Pipes drilled me a new one saying the title was pejorative and an indication the prose wasn't serious.

Eight is an important number in Judaism, young boys are circumcised on the eight day, in the diaspora many of the Jewish Holidays such as Passover and Chanukah last for eight days, and on each corner of the Tallis, the prayer shawl Jews wear when they pray, has eight strings hanging.
They shall make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments… And this shall be tzitzit for you, and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of G-d, and perform them" (Numbers 15:38-39).
Regular reader know how important those words are to me.

In 2006 a good day saw 75 readers, today that is a twenty minutes (not including the RSS Feeds, Facebook and the emailing list).

In these eight years Years, We broke some stories, put Helen Thomas out of work, exposed anti-Israel changes to the 2012 Democratic platform, forced an Obama appointee Chas Freeman to withdraw his nomination, and got a US National security adviser General Jones to apologize to the Jewish People. We've pissed off Congressmen to the point where they've twitted nastiness about the site only to be caught in their anger by The Hill, but I've then praised those same people when they "done good." Sadly that doesn't happen often.
This is the 10,865th post since that first day (there's no way to report total traffic as I didn't start keeping records till the site was about a year old).

Enemies have been made, usually by defending others. More important is the long list of friendships created only through the efforts of creating this site. So many others have invested the time to teach me so much--there is so much more to learn.

Whether this is your first time to this site or whether it is your 10,865th time, it is impossible to explain the appreciation I feel that you have taken a part of your busy day to read what is written here.

As it is the tradition of blogiversaries, below is the first post ever written for this site. It was called:

The First Post and Spielberg

Hi All

Forgive me as I have jumped into this blog game kind of late. First let me answer the most obvious question. I am Jewish and I wear a Kippah, hence the name Yid With Lid. There are times when I just feel like ranting and raving so I will just do it here. Hopefully you will find those rants entertaining.

Munich: The Real Assassins.

Last night Discovery Channel ran a documentary that featured interviews with the real assassins who went after the Palestinian Terrorists who ran the Olympic Massacre. Once again it show that the Spielberg film is a fraud. Why would the Director who created Shindler's List make a movie that is blatantly anti-Israel, and worse yet is based on a fraud? That's right folks, the guy who wrote the book that Spielberg based his movie on claims to have first hand knowledge...he claims to be the head of the Mossad hit squad. Only one problem, he was NEVER IN THE MOSSAD.

So what do you think? Is Spielberg creating a new movie genre? Will his next book be based on Clifford Irving's fraudulent autobiography of Howard Hughes? Or those Fake Hitler Diaries that were published in Germany a few years ago?

Pat Robertson says no. The movie Munich was just God's way of punishing Spielberg for the movie 1941.

What do you think?
 Enough reminiscing, it's time to put the sappy stuff aside and write some real posts.

Thanks for visiting!

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Jeff Dunetz said...

Congratulations, Jeff. BTW, my son's 18th b-day is today as well!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Congrats Jeff from all of us over at Politisite, Latest Political Polls and Iron Mill News. Politisite will be 112 in dogs years on April 1st.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Congratulations on your 8th blogiversary Jeff.