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Friday, February 7, 2014

Keystone Pipeline a REAL Economic Stimulus

Last week the State Department released a report which said in part that the construction of the pipeline would create 42,100 jobs, and that it would not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Now if you remember the Super Bowl Sunday Bill O' Reilly interview with the president, he corrected that 42K figure saying that employment level will only be during the few years the pipeline was being built and afterwards there would only about 50 permanent employees.

Actually that was one of the few answers that Obama gave which was correct. However this is the same President who keeps on saying we should extend unemployment insurance for 13 weeks because it would be a stimulus to the economy. Those people who get the unemployment will spend their money in stores etc, giving those people extra income, ant they will spent their extra income and so on....

So while most of those 42K jobs will only last a few years, those jobs will stimulate the economy the same exact way the unemployment check will.

While officially the recession is over, most families will tell you that they don't really feel the economy is growing.  The Keystone Pipeline is a multi-year stimulus to the economy that wont cause the government a dime.

Perhaps that's why according to Pew Research, almost two thirds of American support the building of the pipeline.

The only thing holding it back is President Obama.

1 comment:

Jeff Dunetz said...

Don't forget everyone's favorite crony capitalist, Warren Buffett! He's placed a huge bet on transporting oil via rail on his Burlington-Northern line. He does not want pipelines competing with him.