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Monday, March 31, 2014

Bar Rafaeli's New Israeli Commercial Banned From Daytime TV

According to the Hollywood Reporter  the New Bar Refaeli commercial has been banned by the Israeli Government from appearing on Daytime TV for 'too many sexual insinuations'
The commercial features the 28-year-old former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl as the object of puppet Red Orbach’s sexual fantasies. The character of Red Orbach emerged locally from an all-puppet classic rock group called Red Band and his stereotypical persona is that of an aging 1960s American rocker. Throughout the commercial, multiple Refaelis are shown washing a car in a suggestive manner and playing strip poker with the purple puppet.
Personally I believe it's tame by US standards, but watch the video below and decide for yourself.


Jeff Dunetz said...

Pretty funny that!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Limousine liberal, loves to tell everyone else to be green as he speeds by in his cigarette boat. The man is a absolute hoax!