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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

White House Looking At Ways To Curb Flatulence As Way To Protect Climate

Note to the White House, If my wife of almost 28 years hasn't been able to curb my methane production, you wont be able to either.

According to Obama adviser John Podesta, the administration is getting ready to release an interagency strategy for curbing emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane. As you know methane is a key component of farts, human and animal. Cows, especially are a big contributor of this gas.
"We are in the throes of finalizing a methane strategy across the government. I think you can expect an announcement in the not-to-distant future," he told reporters during a West Wing briefing.

The strategy is called for in the White House climate plan released last June, but the timing has been somewhat of a mystery.

Podesta said it will be ready in the "near future."

"That will set up a series of work streams for the federal family as a whole," said Podesta, the Democratic uber-strategist who formally joined the White House early this year.

Podesta on Wednesday was part of a "roundtable" on methane that Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz hosted earlier in the day.

"Today's meeting was the first in a series of roundtable discussions, designed to bring together representatives from industry, environmental groups, labor, academia, other NGO's and states and localities to share best practices, technical solutions, and policies that help reduce methane emissions from natural gas systems," said Namrata Kolachalam, an Energy Department spokeswoman, in a separate statement.

"This outreach is part of a broader administration initiative, set out in the President's Climate Action Plan, which establishes a federal task force to reduce methane emissions from a range of sources," Kolachalam said.

But while officials want to improve control of methane from natural gas production and distribution, the White House and Energy Department have made clear that even with current leakage, they view natural gas as a climate winner compared with the coal its displacing as a fuel source.
What is it with these people, first thy go after CO2 the gas we all exhale, now they are going after methane the gas we all fart.

Haven't they read a newspaper, global warming stopped over 17 years ago. If  they spent as much time trying to fix the economy instead of trying to destroy it with this world-wide redistribution scam called global warming, maybe this President's approval level wouldn't stink (pun intended).


Jeff Dunetz said...

Obama is changing the world for Islam, just as he kowtowed and groveled to his Arab brothers following his inauguration. He, Obama, is a seriously confused little boy; now vanquishing America and Israel with a stroke of his pen here; and a phone call there. And there are no Americans with the vision and good sense to stop him. Obama demands zakat; Obama demands jizyah from America and from Israel.

Jeff Dunetz said...

I personally don't think Obama is handling anything. Israel is right not to trust Obama. Heck most Americans don't trust him! Ya'alon is totally on target here.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Children everywhere would gleefully vote to ban broccoli.