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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bison Fleeing Yellowstone, Supervolcano About To Blow or Something WORSE?

Are animals running away from Yellowstone Park?

Over the past day or two this video of Bison seemingly fleeing Yellowstone Park has gone viral:

There have also been reports of Elk missing from the park. Much of the discussion has centered on the possibility that the animals were fleeing a pending eruption from the Yellowstone super volcano, as animals have been known to sense earthquakes and volcano eruptions before they happen. Scientists say an eruption of the supervolcano will affect the entire west coast of the United States:

However scientists report that there is no indication that the supervolcano is about to erupt. If that's the case why  are the animals running?

Either through a lack of imagination or bias, I propose that the media is ignoring the real reason the Animals are running away. Obviously they are attempting to avoid the penalty for not purchasing insurance per Obamacare.

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