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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Once Again Mike Francesa Shows Himself to Be a Jerk

Once again WFAN Mike Francesa is proving that he is a low-life.  The sports jock who once blamed 9/11 on the Jews is blasting NY Mets' Daniel Murphy for being a family man.
New York Mets player Daniel Murphy is a terrible, awful, horrible person since he missed the first two games of a 162-game season to be with his wife when she gave birth to their first child--not their second or third or fourth, but their first. 
Francesca called Murphy's time off with his wife and new baby a scam.  

And that's not all, read the full low-life story by clicking here.


Jeff Dunetz said...

CAIR supports violence and suppression against women. They define themselves by their actions.

Jeff Dunetz said...