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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Northwestern U Class For Female Students Who Are Having Trouble Masterbating

An orgasm workshop and a film about a man “born with a micropenis." are just some of the highlights of Northwestern University's Sex week. Sex Week is sponsored by the College Feminists.

Northwestern University is sponsoring an event for female students who are “having trouble masturbating.”
Vulvas too confusing? Having trouble masturbating? Wanna please your consenting female-bodied friend? Join us for a presentation from the feminist sex shop Early to Bed on how to pleasure the female body. Get some great tips and learn a little bit more about those female nether regions says the “Cum*tactics” event description posted on a college website.
It is not clear why Northwestern was concerned about the ability of its female students to masturbate.
The event is part of Northwestern’s Sex Week, which will also feature events on BDSM and a screening of “Unhung Hero,” a film about a man “born with a micropenis … on a fact-finding mission … as he confronts the stigma of having a small dick.”
The school’s Sex Week runs from April 7-12 and is sponsored by the College Feminists, the “premier feminist and only pro-choice organization” on campus, according to its website.

The orgasm workshop will be co-sponsored by the school’s Sexual Health & Assault Peer Educators group.
I am not sure how to react to this story. On one hand Northwestern is a private school and these courses are not being paid for by public funds. Additionally these college kids are certainly old enough for the subject. On the other hand as the father of two kids in college, I wonder if the parents who are paying these kids tuition know exactly the kind of programs the schools are sponsoring.  What do you think?

H/T Campus Reform

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Jeff Dunetz said...

From my very early years, I was stigmatized because I have a baby sized penis (8 lbs 7 oz, nineteen inches). I wonder if they'd give me a voice if I showed up at the conference to discuss this other side of the tragedy coin? ;^)