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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Former Abortion Provider Reveals It's All About Money

Carol Everett operated four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983 until she found faith. She describes the abortion clinics she operated as a production line a “cash cow,” earning her a commission for every abortion plus a share of the clinic’s fees. A doctor would perform an abortion in one room, and then go across the hall to perform another, often without scrubbing up again, she said. As he was across the hall, the other room was prepared for the next girl.

In a speech given at the annual Rose Dinner held after the "National March for Life", Ms Everett said her job was to sell abortions. And a newly opened abortion clinic would pay for itself within a month.
Everett took aim at state-funded sex education programs which she said were responsible for breaking down the natural modesty of children and damaging parental bonds. Children are being taught about sex and masturbation in ways that “shame the children” so they will not be comfortable telling their parents what they heard, Everett said.

Another way children are set up for abortions is the widespread prescriptions for low dose birth control pills that must be taken at the same time every day in order to be effective, she said. Most people are not able to do that consistently so they become pregnant while taking the pill.

Everett warned against the abortion drug RU-486, which is in the approval process in Canada. The National March for Life had as its theme this year “RU-4LIFE” to raise concerns about the drug.

“The abortion industry has an agenda (on RU-486),” she said. “It’s a way for the abortion industry to double-dip.”

First a woman is charged for the drug, but if it does not work properly, she must go in for a surgical abortion, she said.

“We know it kills women.”

Its side effects have included hemorrhaging, heart attacks and blood clots, she said.
Everett said the counselors who answer the phone are trained to act as sales people...selling abortions.
The counselors are really telemarketers who are trained to “overcome objections” and close the deal by making an appointment for an abortion, she said. They are trained to reassure the pregnant girl by saying things such as, “We can take care of the problem,” and “No one needs to know.”
From Ms Everett's speech we learn that American society (at least the pro-abortion segment) has reduced matters of life and death to a drab emotionless matter of making as much money as possible.


Jeff Dunetz said...

Cook doesn't want to provide the date stamps because its clear from what we know that a handful of the "reviewers" were cranking out reviews so fast that there is no way anyone could believe the reviews to be complete competent.

On his private forum Cook himself boasted about cranking out a review a minute while exercising.

“Damn, I only find out now that I could’ve been rating all this time on the iPad? So much lost opportunity! I just did a half hour exercise on the cross trainer and knocked off 30 ratings while I exercised. I could have spent the last month of exercise racking up 1000 ratings!”

The most prolific of the reviewers Ari Jokimäki boasted about doing reviews while practicing guitar.

Ari Jokimäki:
“I also have had rather pleasant moments with rating; in the other day I practiced my guitar playing and rated papers at the same time. :) ”

This is hardly what one would call a competent review.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Studies show that 69.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.