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Friday, May 9, 2014

Obama to Heckler "You Kinda Screwed Up My Ending" (Mr. President You're Kinda Screwing Up My Country)

President Obama was making a speech at a San Jose Democratic Party fundraiser with an audience of Technology leaders Thursday, when he was heckled by a member of the audience (see video below). The heckler was excitedly shouting about his freedoms as a voter, to which the president replied he completely agreed, "although, why don't we talk about it later because I am just about to finish, you and me, we'll talk about it."

Seemingly uninterested in Obama's offer of a later discussion, the heckler continued and the President shot back about how much he "wanted to hear" from him and that despite his "I love you back."

The heckler continued and the President finally said,  "You kinda screwed up my ending but that's O.K."

Mr. President, I agree that hecklers are rude, on the other hand, you're kinda screwing up my country, and that's not OK.


Jeff Dunetz said...

Political correctness is a minor part of the issue.
The real driver of administrators' behaviour is fear and / or sympathy with the virulently anti-semitic views expressed by Muslim and left-wing pro-Palestinians.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Renowned German universities fell into this in a big way, back then. Higher learning is often not so high where it counts.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Why be surprised. This the most anti-Semitic administration since FDR. It's their

Jeff Dunetz said...

It is likely very simple. The administrators are way more intimidated by anti-Israeli protesters than by pro-Israeli organizations, and act accordingly. And this is on top of the Arabs and Muslims being the "right" minorities, while Jews being a wrong one.

Jeff Dunetz said...

So now the left supports anti Semitic bigotry and violence in the name of diversity and academic freedom. Any Jew in the US today that still supports the left is following a death wish.