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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On The Radio With Tami Jackson Tonight

I will be a guest on the Tami Jackson Show tonight at 10PM Eastern Time or 7pm left coast time.

According to Tami we will be discussing:

Jeff and I will discuss his recent article, Tales of GOP Witch Hunts or Political Strategy Are Nonsense, Obama Created The Select Benghazi Committee, as well as the latest Global Warming alarmist loons’ dire predictions, and odds and ends, including Trey Gowdy.

Join us for a timely and humorous discussion of the latest headlines: Jeff always manages to elicit a smile, even when covering the unbelievable antics and lies of the Left!
But more likely we will discussing whatever lunatic idea invades my stream of thought.

Click on the link Below to listen, I promise you will enjoy.

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