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Monday, June 23, 2014

Harry Reid's Correct! Billionaires Are Controlling The Political Process But They're Democrats)

Maybe Harry Reid is correct,  recent reports by Politico, Yahoo news and the Washington Free Beacon expose the progressive Democracy Alliance (DA) who plans to spend $374 million during the midterm election cycle and that is on top of the $100 million offered by Tom Steyer and additional funds from the always generous George Soros donates directly.
The 21 groups at the core of the Democracy Alliance’s portfolio intend to spend $374 million during the midterm election cycle — including nearly $200 million this year — to boost liberal candidates and causes in 2014 and beyond, according to internal documents obtained by POLITICO.

While growing sums of that cash are being spent vilifying the billionaire conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch over their own network’s political spending, the documents reveal the extent to which the Democracy Alliance network mirrors the Kochs’ — and is obsessed with it.

The documents Politico is reporting about, expose what they call a "vast liberal conspiracy:"
It makes public for the first time details of the complete organizational flowchart of the big-money left, including up-to-date budget figures and forecasts, program goals and performance assessments for the 21 core DA groups, including the Center for American Progress, Media Matters, America Votes and the Obama-linked Organizing for Action.

It also includes a “Progressive Infrastructure Map,” with 172 other groups to which the DA recommends that its rich liberal members — including billionaire financier George Soros and Houston trial lawyers Amber and Steve Mostyn — donate.
The DA is trying to keep things secret, especially from right wing reporters. The "documents" include pictures and names of right wing reporters who should be thrown out of the DA meetings should they show up.
Even though the DA’s cash projections pale in comparison to the Koch network, which is in a financial class by itself and rivals the official parties’ spending, they exceed those of most other outside spending operations on the right and left. And, perhaps more significantly, the briefing highlights what liberals believe is superior coordination between its deep-pocketed labor unions, outside groups and even the administration of President Barack Obama that has allowed their side to spend its big money more efficiently than conservatives.
The "better coordination"  is also an admission that the progressive billionaires have a greater influence on their politicians than the conservative money men.

Yahoo's Matt Bai reported about that Union coordination last week:
So you're a liberal member of the 1 percent, and you've decided to wrest control of the Democratic agenda from change-averse insiders. You want to free the capital from the grip of powerful interest groups. You want to inspire a new set of policies to help America meet the challenges of a fast-transforming economy. Where do you turn for leadership and innovation?
To the teachers union, of course!

At least that's how it seems to have played out at the Democracy Alliance, the group of superrich Democrats who have funneled more than half a billion dollars into liberal groups over the past decade. Earlier this month, the alliance announced that John Stocks, executive director of the National Education Association, would become the chairman of its board.
 And the DA is not just working on electing progressive candidates.  As Lachlan Markay of the Washington Free Beacon reported last week, the DA is also helping to run and helping to fund President Obama's political action committee,  Organizing for Action:
Members of a major left-wing dark money outfit are providing large chunks of cash for, and serving as top advisers and officers of, President Barack Obama’s personal advocacy group.

Democracy Alliance donors have contributed at least $1.87 million to Organizing for Action (OFA), the 501(c)(4) organization that evolved out of Obama’s reelection campaign, according to data released by OFA.

Democracy Alliance members also have official roles in running OFA. According to Democracy Alliance documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, OFA’s board of directors includes four Democracy Alliance “partners,” individuals who pay $30,000 in annual dues and contribute at least $200,000 to the left-wing groups that Democracy Alliance supports.

An additional five Democracy Alliance members sit on OFA’s “advisory board.” According to the Democracy Alliance documents, that advisory board is expected to grow from 65 to 75 members this year, and to collectively provide “at least $3.5 million” in OFA financing.
The most ironic party of these documents and all the secrecy surrounding the DA is that if Harry Reid and his fellow progressive Democrats didn't wage their obsessive campaign about the Koch brothers, the DA with its better coordination, union connection, and work with Obama's super PAC probably wouldn't be a story. But since they set the table...

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