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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Al Qaeda Giving Car Bomb Lessons-Urging People To Blow Up US Open Tennis Championship

This post should serve to wake up people who believe that al Qaeda is no longer a threat to the United States. The latest issue of Inspire, the al Qaeda magazine published online in English, has a primer on how to build a car bomb and suggestions of where to explode it, including tennis stadiums, which it notes "are visited by thousands of people, and high profile people, especially the US Open."

WCBS Radio reported on Wednesday that during a briefing for New York’s private security community, NYPD’s director of intelligence analysis Rebecca Weiner warned that Inspire magazine is instructing would-be terrorists on how to make bombs and where to set them off.
Weiner stressed that police are not aware of any specific threats against the tournament. “We will ensure that the suggestions in this magazine remain hypothetical,” she said. “Nonetheless, we would be remiss not to take note of it as this event comes up.”

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the biggest concern is lone wolves who operate under law enforcement’s radar.
Two thousand years ago, the expression was ‘all roads lead to Rome,’” Bratton said. “Well, in 2014, as it relates to this subject matter, terrorism, unfortunately all roads lead to New York City.

The instructions provided by al Qaeda makes it easy for lone wolves to execute a massacre anywhere in the world.  Under the heading "OSJ Bomb School" the magazine begins its lesson on how to build a car bomb:
Inspire Magazine's goal is to empower Muslim youth. And what is empowerment without being strong, powerful and intelligent? In this section, we give you strength, power and intelligence. Believe me, using car bombs gives you all that. It is absolutely simple. And we will make it simpler for you, so that every Muslim, who loves Allāh and His Messenger, and wants to accelerate Islam's victory, becomes prepare to make, even if this is the first military material his eyes has set on.

This recipe gives you the ability to make a car bomb even in countries with tight security and surveillance.
The instructions even end with a happy sounding "That's all there is to it"

After the magazine finishes the car bomb lesson, the directs the student-terrorists to bomb places with lots of people:
As for the field target for the car-bomb, you have places flooded with individuals, e.g. sports events in which tens of thousands attend, election campaigns, festivals and other gathering. The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.
This type of car bomb is used to kill individuals and NOT to destroy buildings. Therefore, look for a dense crowd
Beyond New York and the U.S. Open, al Qaeda's massacre lesson recommends Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, Chicago and Los Angeles as potential targets in the United States, and for the European resident, Insight also suggests targets in the U.K. and France.

The article and the magazine end with "encouragement." A page reminding the potential murderer, "The right man in the right place devastates the enemy. CHOOSE WISELY"

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