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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Geraldo Explodes Defending His Pro-Hamas Stance And Displays His Jewish Star Tattoo

Monday's "Outnumbered" on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera said that Israel’s imprecise attacks on Gaza (his words not mine) had brought a decline in its international support, including from the U.S., which rushed to call Sunday's attack on a UN School, “disgraceful.”

Long an apologist for Palestinian terrorists, Geraldo was asked if he thought Israel was losing American support. He launched into a rant:
I think Israel has only itself to blame. I think the force used has been so grossly disproportionate; they have inflicted civilian casualties in a way that the United States and the U.N. Secretary General are correct to call appalling. You don’t use tanks shells to make a precision strike. I've covered war for over 40 years. If you want to use a hell fire missile directed by a drone, put it in the window of a building you want to. When you're using a tank shell in this case, the firing that they were receiving was 200 yards, two football fields away from where the tank shells landed. Taking these 10 lives, this is a travesty. It is hurting Israel on the world stage and it's undermining support of the Jewish state.
When Rivera was challenged, he gave his reasons for objecting to the Gaza operation: there were many more dead Palestinians than dead Israelis.
Do you remember when Bloomberg said the airport is safe, open the airport, it’s ridiculous to overreact and close the airport. We have these missiles, you know, we've got them wiped out with the Iron Dome and so forth? Three Israeli civilians have been killed in the current round, one was an Arab farmer by random and the other two were somehow engaged with the military. 60 IDF soldiers, over 1,800 Palestinians, most of them women and children, come on.
Later, Andrea Tantaros confronted Geraldo about his stance and an argument ensued:
Tantaros: Geraldo, let me please speak. They put these kids in a school, put weapons deliberately in a school, then Israel strikes and people like you get up and defend a terrorist organization.

Rivera: What is a person like me?

Tantaros: An apologist for a terrorist organization.

Rivera: You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that to me, of all people. There is a Jewish Star tattooed on my hand. I am a die-hard Zionist, I would die for Israel. This is appalling. This is appalling.
It is ironic that Rivera used a Jewish star tattoo as an indication of his Jewishness and loyalty to Israel, as tattoos are banned in the Jewish faith. In fact that is one of the reasons why the Nazis tattooed number on their victim's arms it was another way of dehumanizing the Jews.

Rivera: When they were 1,800 dead civilians and women and children are bleeding on camera and you're not moved by that?

Tantaros: Whose fault is that? They warned them to move the kids.

Rivera: These Palestinian missiles are absolutely laughable in their military effect. Israel is about to declare an unilateral ceasefire; they should have declared it two weeks ago.

Tantaros: You are unbelievable to defend Hamas.

Rivera: Israel is alone in the world and it is because of attitudes like yours.


Jeff Dunetz said...

1800 dead arabs, 60 dead Jews. This jackass calls it "disproportionate." I call it the Hand of G-d!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Geraldo claims he's a republican and supports Israel but I seriously doubt he follows through. More like the RINO's many if us want to replace in Congress and those so-called Jews in J Street that George Soros set up to look like supporters of Israel but in fact is Anti-Israel.

Jeff Dunetz said...

I wouldn't trust Geraldo in anything.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Geraldo is a horses ass. Everyone is wrong because Geraldo says so and he knows best. He knows better than the CIA, he knows better than Israel, cause he's so smart! 3 dead Israeli boys and it's all Israels fault!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Rivera is the "Rasha" Jew we read about in the Hagaddah on every Passover. He does act like the Simple Son though.

Jeff Dunetz said...

It's just proof of what they boast of constantly, that they love death more than we love life. Guess they don't really love death all that much.