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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hamas Leader Urges: 'Repeat The Gaza Experience In The West Bank And Jerusalem'

Mahmoud Al-Zahhar is one of the co-founders of Hamas who now has the very important role of securing money from Iran and getting it to the group's terrorist fighters. Appearing on Al-Aqsa TV, the official Hamas TV station on August 26th Al-Zahhar delivered a message to the Palestinians living on the West Bank, "Dear brothers, we call upon you to repeat the Gaza experience in the West Bank and Jerusalem"

Al-Zahhar words have power in the Palestinian Territories; in fact now that the Gaza war is over, some expect an Al-Zahhar attempt to displace Khaled Meshaal from his leadership role as the Head of Hamas' political bureau' chief. In this televised address he explains that while Hamas is rebuilding Gaza, other Palestinians should escalate the violence.
Read what it says in the newspapers about the (Israeli) soldiers who were told that they were to enter Shuja'iyya. They vomited and wet their pants. Dear brothers, the true owners of the land have vanquished the foreign settlers. While the people of Gaza were emerging from the rubble, and sitting on (what was left) of their homes, more than half of occupied Palestine was evacuated. The (Israelis) were saying: We will not return before the Al-Qassam Brigades says so. Today, we have told them to return, because we know we are entering a phase of rebuilding the homes, rearming, and developing our capabilities, until we can liberate all of Palestine..."

(...)Dear brothers, what happened has serious implications not only for the Israeli entity, but also for the West Bank, the everlasting wellspring of the resistance. Dear brothers, we call upon you to repeat the Gaza experience in the West Bank and Jerusalem and then you can start counting the days until the liberation of all of Palestine..."

(...)We don't need to get permission from anybody. We will build our seaport and if anyone attacks our seaport, we will attack its seaport."

(...) We will build our airport, according to the unanimous Palestinian decision, and if anyone attacks our airport, we will attack their airports once again. Our pledge to our heroic prisoners, who are the best of our sons after the martyrs, is that we remain true to our vow to liberate you by all possible means. We will complete our path, and fulfill our pledge for reconstruction, for acquiring weapons, for bringing about unity, and for accomplishing the enterprise of the resistance in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, and everywhere abroad. Every Palestinian should reach an agreement with his country of residence on how to form brigades abroad for the Palestinian liberation army, without jeopardizing security in the country where he lives."

Source: MEMRI

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Jeff Dunetz said...

"...liberation of all Palestine...." is code for the eradication of Israel.