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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Video- Revealed The ONLY Terrorist Attack That Would Cause Obama To Miss a Round of Golf


Jeff Dunetz said...

Good one!

Jeff Dunetz said...

If they offered a discount to any pisslamic with a koran, the atheists would not say a f****** word.

Jeff Dunetz said...

They are a private business and can give dicounts to anyone they want to !
As for the Godless whiners explain to them that they need to respect the culturial beliefs of others before trying to enforce a federal law that doesn't applie to private business's then add a legal defense tax to all their orders!

Jeff Dunetz said...

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Jeff Dunetz said...

I'm going to sue the local supermarket because they put a 10% coupon in a newspaper that I do not subscribe to. It's pure, 1000% discrimination! Why should others enjoy a 10% discount and I cannot! Tomorrow I will look for something else to get offended about because I am a regressive and damn proud of it you discrminating, bigoted, homophobic, msyongistic, racist piece of filth! May all of your FauxNews watching, Rushbo listening robots choke on your discounts!

Jeff Dunetz said...

not even that would keep him off the course !