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Friday, September 26, 2014

Al-Jazeera: Most Coalition Air Strikes Casualties in North Syria Were Civilians--Media That Bashed Israel is Silent

According to Al Jazeera, more than 27 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Tuesday's U.S. led air strikes in Syria.
The coalition forces launched a number of missiles Tuesday at dawn. The US Pentagon declared that the targets were ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra sites in Syria. The missiles targeted Jabhat Al-Nusra headquarters in the town of Kafr Diryan in northwestern Syria.

In addition, two residential neighborhoods in the town were completely destroyed. More than 27 people were killed in these air strikes, most of whom were civilians according to the fire brigades.

There were five strikes while the people were asleep. We pulled out 21 men, three women and six children. Some died in our arms while others were taken to hospital, and we were informed that they were martyred.

The locals say that this is the first time that they were attacked by missiles since the outbreak of Syrian revolution. The paradox, they say, is they were bombed not by the Syrian regime, but by an international coalition which killed and wounded many of them under the pretext of fighting terrorism.
One resident told the reporter:
This coalition is not against terrorism. It is against civilians, as you can see. The revolution has been going on for four years now, and not a single missile was shot at us by Bashar Al-Assad and his gang. The coalition fired two missiles, supposedly targeting ISIS, but there are no ISIS members here, not even ISIS children.
During the recent Israeli war with Hamas, mainstream media reporters embedded in the Gaza towns believed every civilian casualty report even though they were provided and inflated by Hamas. They were quick to show pictures of the dead children even when there was proof the killings were staged.

TV commentators droned on and on with their condemnations of the Jewish State. President Obama joined in, never doubting the veracity of the Hamas-fed reports.

The reports of civilian casualties in Syria have drawn no condemnations from the MSM, any expressions of outrage from the White House or U.S. State Department. Maybe they don't believe the Al Jazeera report, even though they accepted the Hamas-generated reports at face value. Is it because in their minds Syrian civilians are worth less than those in Gaza or is it due to an inherent prejudice against the the nation of Israel and/or Jews worldwide?

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Jeff Dunetz said...

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