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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Andrew Malcolm And Michael Ramirez Gives Their IMHO On ISIS Speech By POTUS: MUST Listen HDNR Tonight @10PM EDT

MUST Listen HDNR Tonight @10PM EDT Andrew Malcolm Gives His IMHO On ISIS Speech By POTUS, AGKWE. At the half hour mark we will be joined by Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist  Michael Ramirez.

Tonight's speech is crucial for the future of America, for Obama's Legacy and for Democratic Party chances in the midterms. Which is why we asked Andrew and Michael to provide their sage-like perspective.

Tune in tonight. TM The show will have brilliant analysis and I will add some LOL, and Tami will give me a look and say AYC. This program will be rated unPC.

Click Here To Listen To The Show Live (or to listen to the Podcast after the Show)

1 comment:

Jeff Dunetz said...

Is it just a coincidence that the pie chart on military action looks like a "peace symbol"?