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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Biden's New Nat. Security Adviser is Pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel & Believes a Nuclear Iran Can Be Contained

In a story broken on this site two years ago the Democratic party removed 3 pro-Israel and one anti-Hamas plank from their 2012 party platform (they eventually added one pro-Israel plank back). Joe Biden just hired Colin Kahl one of the two people responsible for writing the Israel section of the platform as his national security adviser. Along with removing the sections of the platform, Kahl is also responsible for a policy floated by the Obama administration (and rejected by just about everybody) that rather than prevent Iran from getting nukes, the US should contain a nuclear Iran.
The Vice President announced today that Dr. Colin Kahl will serve as his new National Security Advisor, starting next week. Dr. Kahl comes to the Vice President’s office from Georgetown University, where he’s been serving as an associate professor in the Security Studies Program in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. Dr. Kahl will succeed Jake Sullivan.
Kahl was responsible removing the following four items from the Democratic Party platform
1) The United States and its Quartet partners should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism.
2) The issue of Palestinian refugees should be resolved by allowing them to settle in a Palestinian state rather than in Israel.

3) It unrealistic to expect the outcome of final status negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949.

4) Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.
The Jerusalem provision was added back over the objection of the Democratic Convention delegates, but Colin Kahl's removal of the isolating Hamas, as well as Palestinian refugees to resettle in a Palestinian state rather than flooding Israel and turning it into a Muslim State, and the1949 borders being unrealistic-- all remained out of the platform (more on the language below).

After the Platform controversy Kahl was Identified as the man behind the change in Foreign Policy ...
it's been well reported that the two officials given the responsibility for overseeing the drafting of the Israel platform plank in July and August were Obama campaign national security advisor co-chair and former Pentagon official Colin Kahl and former Florida Rep. Robert Wexler
....And Buzzfeed among other places:
A member of the Platform Committee itself said the language was drafted by staffers — notably former national security aide Colin Kahl — and overseen by former Rep. Robert Wexler, and that even some committee members did not see it until this Monday night.
As reported in the Weekly Standard Kahl is also behind floating the idea of "containing" a nuclear Iran, rather than doing everything to prevent it:
On Monday, the Center for New American Security published an 84-page report, called “If All Else Fails: The Challenges of Containing a Nuclear-Armed Iran.” The subject matter is particularly noteworthy given the report’s provenance. CNAS is a think tank close to the Obama administration that, among other things, advised the White House early in its first term on Afghanistan policy. Several of its scholars joined the administration, including CNAS founder Michelle Flournoy who served as undersecretary of defense for policy from 2009-2012; and Colin Kahl, formerly the Obama administration’s deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East, who is lead author of this latest CNAS report.
Biden's hiring of Kahl and the fact that his removal of an anti-Hamas provision and two pro Israel provisions are just further examples of this administration's abandonment of the Jewish State. 

The below explains the three removed provisions of the Democratic Party platform never added back, which were just as important as the Jerusalem platform but often ignored by reporters explaining the story:

The United States should continue to isolate Hamas until it renounces terrorism. Do the Democrats still want to give this terrorist group legitimacy? Perhaps that is why Obama and Kerry insisted on Qatar (Hamas' Sugar Daddy) be part of the negotiations to end the Gaza war. Perhaps that is why Kerry selected Martin Indyk who is on the Qatar payroll as his Middle East negotiator.

...should resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees by allowing them to settle there, rather than in Israel. While the number of Palestinian refugees in 1949 was somewhere between 800,000-900,000, today the number is over 4 million. This group of refugees is the only example in history where the number has grown without a population shift (the UN counts the original refugees, their children, grandchildren, first cousin twice removed on their mother's side, friends etc as refugees. Since they cannot defeat Israel militarily; one of the Palestinians' strategies is to flood this Democratic country with "refugees" so it will cease to exist as a Jewish state via election. That is why the 2008 platform included the refugee statement. 

In keeping with their strategy the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. And while the President has said Israel is the Jewish state, he has been very careful not to call for Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish state. Is the removal of the "settle elsewhere" statement is an indication Mr. Kahl agrees with the Palestinian "flood Israel with refugees" strategy?

 ... All understand that it is unrealistic to expect the outcome of final status negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949. Obama walked away from that big time last May when he called for Israel to begin negotiations by agreeing to return to the 1949 lines. At the time the Democrats said it was no change from previous policy--that was a lie. In 2008 he ran on the basis that a return to the 1949 lines were unrealistic. Why is that language is missing from this year's document?

H/T Weekly Standard  


Jeff Dunetz said...

He can keep trying, but we all know it's his responsibility and the buck stops with him. If he hadn't neglected security meetings and his military advisers in lieu of golf and fundraIsers, we wouldn't all have to suffer these horrible consequences.

Jeff Dunetz said...

How many Jews voted Democrat?

Jeff Dunetz said...

Lots of them...I didn't

Jeff Dunetz said...

75 of Jewish- Americans against us 25% of American Jews...just like before and...Once Again! They are not " Jews" but the very same Communosocialists millions died fighting against. With about 150M Antisemites in Europe today/alone let's keep the perspective about the same old " 6 million Jews". It's all the same uber bloody slope and they know it's true. We protest their Commigogues where they spit, hit, kick,push/shove us around calling us all " Gentliles" as their very worst name among many others...