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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Islamic State: The Richest Terrorist Group Ever, Gets Even Richer

An element making ISIS particularly dangerous is its ability to develop a self-sustaining economy, that among other things, makes it the richest terrorist group ever and equipped to fund far more evil than other terrorist groups. ISIS recently found millions in cash and gold in the captured home of former Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al-Nujayfi.

A recent Wall Street Journal report outlined the emerging financial empire being built by the vicious terrorist group. It is building a self-sustaining economy across the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, by pirating oil and exacting tribute from a native population of at least eight million people. But now the terrorist organization has enriched itself further.

An ISIS video posted on the Internet on September 21 shows millions of dollars in cash and ingots which the terror group claims to have found in the home of former Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Al-Nujayfi. The video shows an unidentified ISIS member warning the former speaker "just like we took your money, we shall chop off your head."
In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Blessings and prayers upon our Prophet Muhammad and his Companions. This is the money of Osama Al-Nujayfi, former speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Allah's curses upon him. Observe, oh Muslims, all this money, estimated in the billions. These are gold ingots. Take a look at them. These are gold ingots. See these dollars. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars here. Maybe even millions of dollars. Praised be Allah, who enabled the mujahideen of the Islamic State in Nineveh Province to seize (this money).

[...] This money has returned to its rightful owners – the poor. This money belongs to the poor. Those pigs used to indulge themselves with this money at the expense of the poor. Praised be Allah for enabling us to restore this money to the (ISIS) treasury. Praise be to Allah.

[...] This money was found in one of the homes of the apostate Osama Al-Nujayfi. Let that pig watch this money. Oh Al-Nujayfi, Allah willing, just like we took your money, we shall chop off your head, Allah willing.


Jeff Dunetz said...

L'Shanah Tovah!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Happy New Year, despite this ISIS madness.