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Thursday, September 18, 2014

MUST Watch Derek Jeter "Goodbye" Commercial Will Make Real Baseball Fans Cry (Even Fans Who Hate The Yankees)

As a lifelong NY Mets fan I hate the Yankees, I can't help must be genetics. Yet Derek Jeter is different, especially for a real baseball fan. You see Jeter harkens back to the good old days of the sport, when a superstar spent his entire career with one team. Beyond his baseball talent and the fact he played hard every time he put on the uniform, Jeter has class. Something one can't really explain but can recognize it when they see it.

This commercial made me cry, not as a Mets fan who still hates everything to with the big ball yard in the Bronx, but as a baseball fan who still remembers when you could get in to the stadium two hours before the game, talk to the players and get autographs for free. A baseball fan who remembers when you got too close to the plate when Bob Gibson was pitching the next pitch would be a 95 mph+ fastball at your head, when the greatest player ever to put on a glove, Willie Mays would catch anything hit to the outfield with his unique basket style, then fire the ball back home. Mays didn't have an arm--he had a rocket launcher.  Those were the days when Hank Aaron still the only man to legitimately hit more home runs than Babe Ruth would launch balls into the stands seemingly with a flick of the wrist.

Those were the times when pitchers threw complete games, batters ran out every ground ball and though the price of a ticket was much lower, the value of going to the ball park was much higher.

 That was the game I fell in love with as a child. Jeter is a throw back to that era. If you are that kind of fan, watch the video below it will make you cry.


Jeff Dunetz said...

The big lie here is that the rockets were aimed at soldiers.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Actually, Hamas claims that too - but only in propaganda intended for foreiogn consumption.
Fatah is claiming that in its internal propaganda too, it therefore seems.