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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Listen Tonight 10/29 The Humpday News Report @10PM EDT-W/Guest Kerry Picket of Breitbart News

Our guest tonight will be Breitbart News’ investigative reporter Kerry Picket

Kerry Picket is a Washington D.C. based Capitol Hill reporter.

Currently an investigative reporter at, Picket previously reported for The Washington Times Opinion Page.

Before that, she produced news content for Robin Quivers of “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius satellite radio, wrote entertainment news for MTV Radio and worked as a production assistant at
Picket has regularly appeared as a guest commentator in dozens of cable television news programs including: Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and the Christian Broadcast Network.

Additionally, she can be heard regularly on Sirius XM’s Patriot Channel’s David Webb’s Show and on The Sean Hannity Radio Show.

Picket has been interviewing political news makers and has followed campaigns and elections in the field for almost 15 years

Follow Kerry on Twitter at @KerryPicket, Tami at @tamij and me @yidwithlid, interact/ask questions on Twitter by tweeting the show @humpdayNR or hastag #HDNR


Jeff Dunetz said...

So if the shooter was "Muslim," but not "Islamic", does that make him one of the "moderates" we hear so much about?

Jeff Dunetz said...

DOWN with the King of OBOLA

Jeff Dunetz said...

Why do we never hear anything but BS from the chickencrapping demos in the US' communist party?

Jeff Dunetz said...

I think you should have said, "Last week President Obama forgot to press play and a member of his administration insulted Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu by calling him chickens---"...

I"ll leave the rest of the paragraph for other commenters, but some suggestions might be:

"If you don't want to step in deep chickens--..."
"If you don't want to alienate the few pro-Israel supporters you have..."