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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

LISTEN Tonight @10PM EST The Humpday News Report W/ Guest RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams

Our guest tonight will be RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams. We will be discussing the latest news including Ebola, ISIS, the anti-First Amendment insanity taking place in Houston, Texas, and that little thing coming up soon called the Midterm Elections.

Besides being a good friend, Raffi is smart, quick witted, and, Raffi will be able to give us some of the behind-the-scenes goings on at the RNC. Give tonight's show a listen I promise you will have a good time.

So Click The Hump Day News Report with Jeff Dunetz & Tami Jackson – 10PM ET – 10/15  to hear the show live...or listen to the podcast any time after the show ends.

Raffi, the son of venerable Fox News liberal pundit, Juan Williams (which means his political conversations during family holiday dinners may be even worse than mine). He is smart, energetic, and completely affable…an absolute gold mine for the Republican National Committee.

Williams is a graduate of Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and worked as Staff Assistant for the House Rules Committee, then Communications Director at Benishek for Congress, prior to accepting the position as RNC Deputy Press Secretary.

Raffi is an integral part of the push by savvy GOP to engage the youth vote and energize millennials with tried and true Conservative values using all of the new/social media now available.

Of note: Raffi made The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful (political) People 2014 (only because I removed myself from the competition)/

Join Raffi, Tami and me as we discuss all the big topics of the day: ebola, ISIS, and the anti-First Amendment insanity taking place in Houston, Texas.

Follow Raffi on Twitter at @Raffiwilliams, Tami at @tamij, Me at @yidwithlid, and the program at @HumpdayNR.


Jeff Dunetz said...

Her friends knew the answer. Maybe she is just not very smart.

Jeff Dunetz said...

I can understand much better now why Barack Obama's circle of friends is so small.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Michelle Nunn is a tranny. Pretty sure of that.

Jeff Dunetz said...

This is a non-story, she simply chose to ignore the question.

Jeff Dunetz said...

By the time America finally wakes up and realizes what Obama has done to the nation...Obama voters will be harder to find than Nazis were in post WWII Germany.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Wrong. In a political year you don't defeat an opponent by ignoring him. That's a luxury enjoyed only by those candidates with HUGE margins which Nunn Jr. doesn't have.