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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Netanyahu: Obama's Condemnation of Israeli Building Projects Suggests He Wants Ethnic Cleansing of Jews

One of the difficulties of interviewing Benjamen Netanyahu or any Israeli Prime minister is they are very reluctant to criticize America's leaders. That tradition was broken by Benjamen Netanyahu in an interview by Bob Schieffer of "Face The Nation." When he suggested that Obamas criticism of Israeli building in East Jerusalem was a call for "ethnic purification" and goes “against the American values."

After Wednesday's Obama/Bibi meeting White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest launched a scathing attack on Israel for new construction activity in East Jerusalem. While criticism of Israeli building in East Jerusalem was nothing new (unlike the previous administration Obama has made stopping the “settlements” a priority) the ferocity of the attack was unusual even for the Obama administration.

Even worse the President was criticizing Israel for new housing units to be occupied by Jew and Arabs; and older units which were private business transactions; Israeli Jews purchased those seven homes from Arabs.

Essentially the Administration was saying that East Jerusalem should be Judenrein, free of Jews, and that Jews and Arabs should not be allowed to live with each other, but before the Netanyahu/Schieffer interview no Israeli leader has confronted an American leader with that truth.

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