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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If The Democrat's Lose The Senate-It Must Be Because of Racism

(At least according to James Clyburn)

Rep James Clyburn (D-SC) was a guest on Monday's News Nation with Tamron Hall to discuss the next day's mid-term election. According to the number three Democrat in the house his party shouldn't have run away from the President but should have supported his many successes. Because anything he does, "he's not going to be acceptable because of his skin color."

Clyburn complained that "are so many people afraid of being too closely identified with President Obama." The reason they don't want to be identified with his agenda because his successful programs have been demonized.

The reason for the demonizing? After hall played the controversial Mary Landrieu comments about race, Clyburn gave his answer---racism.
Hall: Our first read team basically says the GOP said Obama stinks, that's the quote there and the Democrats never countered that.

Clyburn: That's correct. And that's exactly what I’m saying. I'm saying that the fact of the matter is we have a good record to run on. And let me say about Mary Landrieu. Mary Landrieu is from Louisiana. She snows the history of Louisiana like I know the history of South Carolina. The fact of the matter is, she reads some of the mail that she gets. And I read some of the mail I get. And for anybody to say there's nothing that is nothing that’s racial about some of the animus being expressed by President Obama you're not telling the truth. The fact of the matter is we know that with a lot of people, I don't care what he does; he's not going to be acceptable because of his skin color

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Jeff Dunetz said...

successful programs??????