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Monday, November 24, 2014

No Officer Wilson Indictment

From USA Today

-- A white police officer will not face charges for fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager in a case that set off violent protests and racial unrest throughout the nation, an attorney close to the case said Monday night.

A St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict officer Darren Wilson, 28, for firing six shots in an August confrontation that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, said Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the family. The decision had been long awaited and followed rioting that resembled war-zone news footage in this predominantly black suburb of St. Louis.

D.A. Robert McCulloh just announced there would be no indictment. McCulloch said the jury had exhaustively examined the evidence.

Mr Brown's family said they were "profoundly disappointed".

As protesters flooded the streets of Ferguson, Mo., a grand jury in St. Louis County tonight announced veteran Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown, 18.

The decision comes after months of consideration from the 12-person panel in the case that sparked violent protests and riots in the town of 21,000. The grand jury deliberated over two days and heard testimony from 60 witnesses.

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Marcia L. Fudge called the decision a "miscarriage of justice" and "slap in the face to Americans nationwide who continue to hope and believe that justice will prevail."

"This decision seems to underscore an unwritten rule that black lives hold no value; that you may kill black men in this country without consequences or repercussions," she said in a statement.

If Fudge feels slapped she was slapped by Justice

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