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Monday, December 29, 2014

Video: DeBlasio Met With Boos And Cat Calls At Police Academy Graduation

Mayor Bill de Blasio was met with some boos and when he addressed NYPD officers graduating from the Police academy during a ceremony at Madison Square Garden Monday morning. The boos and calls were constantly in the background, never interrupting him and at most points you can hear the screams in the background, but couldn't really understand what he was saying. 

Although at one point de Blasio said "you didn't create problems," and someone in the crowd shouted audibly "No, you did!" and the crowd went crazy.

 As they should have the rookies didn't join in and remained stoic through out. But the problems between the NYPD and the Mayor continue...check out the video below:


Jeff Dunetz said...

While the BLM was violating Title 43, Section 1733 of our federal codes to attack the hard working white man known as Cliven Bundy because he is accused of owing $1M in back cattle grazing fees, Al Sharpton who owes $4.7M in back taxes was having dinner with the President.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Bill Bratton is a much bigger man than deBlasio ever could hope to be.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Fantastic point!

The left never thinks they only react...Stupidly.