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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Latest Gruber Video Is The Worst One Of All For The Obama Administration

Of all the Jonathan Gruber videos released so far, this one could be the most damaging. This one does not show the Obamcare architect calling Americans stupid, this one has Gruber cutting the legs out of the Administration's case about to be argued before the Supreme Court.

 Revealed on Tuesday's Greta Van Susteren program on Fox News, the latest blockbuster has the Obamacare architect explaining if your state doesn't set up an exchange its residents aren't eligible for tax credits, which is precisely the opposite of what the Administration is arguing before the Supreme Court.

The question before the Supreme Court is whether the language of the Affordable Care Act restricts the premium subsidies (in the form of tax credits) to residents buying insurance from a state-run exchange, and prohibits the credits on the federal exchange which serves a little over 7 million Americans in 36 states. The specific language says participants in the state exchanges get the tax credit, but doesn't mention the federal exchange. The administration is arguing that the omission of the federal exchange is a typo, the plaintiffs argue that there was no intention cover a federal exchange in the bill. A ruling against the White House would severely damage Obamacare because the tax credits are critical to ensuring that lower-income Americans can afford insurance.

The video below is from January 2012 Gruber appearance in which he explains:
If you’re a state and you don’t accept an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits. But your citizens still pay the taxes to support this bill. So you’re essentially saying to your citizens, you’re going to pay all the taxes to support all the states in this country.
It is not known whether or not the video can be used as evidence in the Supreme Court case, but as Greta and her panel discusses, if it can be used it will be very damaging to the Obama Administration and Obamacare.


Jeff Dunetz said...

I remember the Administration arguing publicly that the Individual Mandate wasn't a tax, but arguing in front of the courts that it was (and therefore Congress had the authority to do it). And the SCOTUS sided with them.

This may do a great deal of damage to Obama's reputation (such as it is) but I don't think it will have any influence on the court.

I hope I'm wrong.

Jeff Dunetz said...

This video is nothing new. I remember seeing this several months ago when the whole issue about subsidies for the federal exchanges first surfaced.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Obama could care less about anything except what HE wants
The GOP sucks and will do nothing
Obama has totally disregarded the elections and the will of the people
Why bother getting sick over this
Until the GOP aholes get a pair - NOTHING will happen to anyone
BUT I hope criminal charges are brought eventually - I would to see all these crapholes in PRISON

Jeff Dunetz said...

Jonathan who? The guy you paid $400K! That puts him in the 1%, Kathleen. I would think you would know the 1%! Did you have ANY control over this process? Apparently not if people can earn $400K working on your project and you have NO IDEA who they are.

The incompetence and idiocy is just astonishing.