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Friday, December 26, 2014

Readers Pick The Top 50 Stories of 2014 #50-41


I would like to thank the readers for hanging with "The Lid" for another year.  This has been the largest traffic year in The Lid's history with a little over 1.9 million page views and a little over 1.2 million individual visits. And that doesn't count the people who subscribe to the site via Facebook and the people who read the site daily via RSS feed reader.

As it is our tradition, the last five days of the year we post which stories you enjoyed the most, based on total traffic the top fifty posts of the year.  Today we present #41-50....if you click on the title you can read the entire post:

50. Laura Rozen is Distributing Document Typed/Edited By Al Jazeera As Kerry's Cease Fire Proposal: Laura Rozen a veteran Middle East Reporter with an anti-Israel slant has hit a new low. Now a reporter at al-Monitor Rozen has been spending much of her Sunday defending the State Department against Israeli claims the proposed 7-day Kerry cease-fire was so bad it could have been written by Hamas. Rozen has been arguing on Twitter that the Israelis are lying about Kerry's proposal. She specifically bases her accusations on a copy of a cease-fire plan that she was given. The document she is referring to was typed and edited by employees of al-Jazeera.

49. Yom HaShoah Visions Of Horror! When Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton Liberated Ohrdruf Concentration Camp:  On the morning of April 12th, 1945 General Eisenhower met Generals Bradley and Patton at Ohrdruf Concentration Camp. Afterwards Eisenhower also ordered every American soldier in the area who was not on the front lines to visit Ohrdruf and Buchenwald. He wanted them to see for themselves what they were fighting against. On Yom HaShoah their words are much more moving then anything I could say...

48. SCANDAL! Climate Scientists Suppressed Research Which Disagreed With Warming Theory: Global warming proponents are quick to accuse those who are skeptical of their theory as ignoring a scientific consensus. According to a front page story in the UK Times, that supposed consensus may have been built in part by suppressing research which disagrees with their global fear mongering. The article tells the story of research completed by five climate experts rejected by one of the world's top academic journals after a reviewer privately complained that the study was “harmful” to the promotion of climate change theory.

47. President Obama's Culpability For Tuesday's Synagogue Attack: On Wednesday morning in Jerusalem life began to return to some semblance of normalcy. Worshipers returned to the Kehilat Bnai Torah synagogue, which was attacked the day before because as Akiva Pollack, a paramedic who was one of the first to the terror scene on Tuesday stressed it was important to return to normal. "When I see the synagogue full, I know they are the people who believe the synagogue will not close but will be strengthened. What we need to do is come back here and pray." (...) Palestinian violence is also incited by the administration of Barack Obama, whose public criticism of Israel and desire for an ethnically pure East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria is not only unprecedented for a President of the United States in its scope and cruelty, but it serves as nourishment for the Palestinian hatred of the Jews.

46. It Figures! Salon Blames Buffalo Lake Effect Blizzard On Global Warming For a year and a half I went to school at SUNY Oswego which among other things was known for its sunsets. Every night we would watch the sun go into Lake Ontario. Along with that beauty we had lake effect snow, and we could see it coming. Sometime we would see the snow rolling in over the lake from Canada. And when we got the snow, there would be a foot on campus and maybe only an inch of the white stuff a few miles away. That's what has been happening in Buffalo this week---to the extreme.

45. MSNBC's Toure': Rev Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Token:
Appearing on Al Sharpton's MSNBC program Friday night, guest Tour√© Neblett, co-host of "the Cycle" suggested that Rev Martin Luther King Jr, Lt. Col. Allen West, LL Cool J, Toure's colleague at MSNBC Michael Steele, and Senator Tim Scott and many others like them are all just tokens.  As Neblett put it,  "When you go to the RNC, there's always going to be some chocolate chips in the sea of vanilla ice cream."

44. (Don't Laugh) The New Claim is Climate Change is Going To Start an ICE AGE!: Boy oh Boy the global warming hoaxers are now claiming greenhouse gases are going to cause an Ice Age.  What makes this claim so crazy is not just that it is the opposite of how their little scam started, but the fact is that real scientist are predicting a coming ice age, not because of green house gasses but because of the Earth's normal climate cycles.

43: Antisemitism At U.S. Colleges---Watchdog Publishes List Of Anti-Israel Middle East Studies Professors--AMCHA, an organization trying to fight Antisemitism at college campuses has published a list of 218 professors identifying themselves as Middle East scholars who recently called for the academic boycott of Israel. AMCHA offered the list as a service to students who might want to avoid those biased professors.

42. CENSORSHIP! Forbes Deletes Pro-Israel Opinion Piece  In his "Forbes Magazine" blog, lobbyist and public relations-superstar Jeff Ballabon published a piece called "The 20 Most Ridiculous Things People Believe About The Hamas/Israel Conflict.” Within hours of the article going live, the post was taken down. Ballabon was given conflicting reasons for the removal of the post. The one reason he wasn't given was the most obvious one: "Forbes Magazine" did not like the post's pro-Israel content.

41. Polar Bears Celebrate -Arctic and Antarctic Ice Caps Showing Major Growth  Al Gore must be very sad but the polar bears are probably throwing a party. Seven years Gore predicted the Arctic ice cap would be gone in seven years, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012. On the other side of the world, the Antarctic cap is at record or near record levels.

Stay tuned..tomorrow we reveal your choices #31-40 

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