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Thursday, January 1, 2015

DeBlasio Screws NY Cops Again-Reappoints Cop-Hating Judge

It's as if NYC Mayor DeBlasio wanted to give the New York City cops one more smack before the end of the year. Yesterday he announced the reappointment of Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson. If Johnson's name sounds familiar she is the Judge who memorialized the two recently executed New York City police officers by twice freeing people making new threats on the lives of New York's Finest.
Her one-year, interim reappointment by de Blasio outraged law enforcement officials a day after he met with the heads of five police unions to heal his fractured relationship with cops.

Devon Coley was freed without bail by Johnson after making death threats against the NYPD on Facebook.

Coley posted this threatening photo [above] and message on his Facebook mere hours after a man executed two NYPD officers.
Obviously the Police are not happy:

“The mayor’s actions of reappointing this judge are completely hypocritical to his argument that he’s pro-police and counterproductive to what he claims to be an effort to open dialogue going forward,” said sergeants union chief Ed Mullins.

“He had the opportunity to demonstrate good will and support for the police, and he once again has demonstrated the opposite.”

The head of the state ­court officers union, Dennis Quirk, called de Blasio’s decision “a disgrace.”

“It sends a strong message to every police officer and everyone in the law enforcement community that it’s OK to threaten the lives of cops,” Quirk said.
After the Judge ignored the prosecutions request of a $250K bail for Coley, DeBlasio criticized her decision:
“While the judge’s decision was in compliance with the letter of the state’s laws on bail — which focus almost exclusively on risk of flight — our judges must take into account all of the circumstances that contribute to the risk of flight, and that certainly includes the seriousness of the offense,”
Judge Johnson responded to the mayor by freeing "a man charged with attacking a cop outside a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn."

This was a missed opportunity for the Mayor DeBlasio. He could have demonstrated is support of the Police force by not reappointing this anti-cop Judge. Instead he demonstrated his insensitivity and political ineptness by giving her another year on the the bench. What ever protest the cops make are well deserved because their boss, The Mayor, is a fool.


Jeff Dunetz said...

The NYC swine only want a criminal system so they can continue to
murder and kill any citizen they want. These swine do not want any
citizen to have a single right, and want to contine to be judge, jury
and executioner as they did before. Screw these lowlife scumbag police
unions and cops.

You turn you back to someone that is trying to help its citizens?
You are all treasonous and I pray to above that your family and children
encounter another criminal just like you when they leave their homes,
so you can feel how reality really is. I and us 99% turn our back to
you and flip you the bird!

The time is near we will destroy all of you because we have the
numbers, and you and your families do not stand a chance. Criminal
pigs, you started all this yourself and have no one else to blame but
your own criminal thug gang. You always bring weapons and death to
everything you do and whereever you go. Do you really think th people
will let you murder 100 million people and not push back against your
criminal actions?

You all are criminals and the most traitorous to your oath and country.

Jeff Dunetz said...

OK Anne I don't know your age but you are obviously young and immature. I'll tell you what, God forbid next time you need a police officer call Al Sharpton...see what happens.

99+% of the cops do their Jobs correctly and are good people. You are stereotyping an impugning an entire profession.

I feel sorry for you and your inability to see your own venom. Go take your meds and don't come back until you grow up!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Poor Annie her girdle is on to tight.