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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Charlie Rangel To Bibi Netanyahu: Go To AIPAC With The Other Joooooos

Charlie Rangel has a message for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Jewish leaders don't speak to congress the speak at AIPAC. Today he continued his truth-deficient attack on Bibi Netanyahu. While he couches his words in declarations of friendship to Israel and the Jewish people the rest of his words consist of false ad hominem attacks on Israel and Netanyahu that can only be ascribed to hatred of the Jewish people

This afternoon Charlie suggested that the freedom of speech does not apply to Jews speaking in Congress. Bibi belongs at AIPAC with the other Jews.

In 2010 when then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke to a joint session of congress and slammed Arizona's immigration policy, you were silent Charlie. But Calderon wasn't Jewish.  Bibi Netanyahu is.

Yesterday appearing on the Ronan Farrow show, Charlie attacked Netanyahu with a series of falsehoods and skewed facts. He started by saying he wasn't going to the speech, but some of his best friends.....
Will not be there. I'm offended as an American, nobody has been more supportive of Israel from its birth than I have and so many Democrats in the house have felt that way. I think Israel is the one issue that brings Republicans and Democrats together in support, not just because she's a friendly country but she's important to our national security. She represents everything that a democratic government should and that part of the world. So it doesn't make any sense at all for us to have any light between these wonderful friendships.
Then he went on the attack.
 I cannot think of any reason as to why someone who differs with my President should be coming to my country, my Congress in order to attack my president. Especially, especially when it's preceding an election in a foreign country as friendly as she might be.
 Okay, Charlie first of all it is not YOUR country and YOUR Congress or YOUR president. Its a mistake politicians make...the country, Congress and President are OURS. Of course it was YOUR vacation property that YOU refused to pay taxes on.

Or were you just trying to say, the Jew should come to the U.S.

Secondly Prime Minister Netanyahu, (with your attacks you don't have the right to call him "Bibi,") has no intention of attacking the president personally--only YOU say he is coming to attack the President.  He is coming to speak about the dangers of the deal the Administration is making with Iran.  A deal that will allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium making them an existential threat to both Israel and the United States. Are you saying that anybody who disagrees with an administration policy is attacking the president? Or just the Jews.  And when you say that Netanyahu is coming to speak because it is near an Israeli election is impugning the integrity of the leader of the Jewish State.  You remember integrity Charlie, its what you ignored every time you violated congressional ethics. 

The claim that election politics is Netanyahu's motivation for making the trip ignores the facts. The Iranian nuclear program has been a key issue for Bibi since he first took over as Likud party leader in 1993.

And Charlie if disagreeing with the deal the Administration is working on is an attack on OUR President why didn't you attack Senators Bob Menendez, and Lindsey Graham, or the the EU, ore even the Washington Post editorial board. You only attacked the Jew.

And if you are so concerned about not interfering with elections why did Secretary of State, why didn't you attack John Kerry and Vice President Biden for meeting with Bibi Netanyahu's opposition this past weekend? Perhaps because they aren't Jewish?

On yesterday's Farrow show Rangel added:
I've been asking before I talk about boycott and not showing up, give me one reason why he should be coming to the House Of Representatives inviting the Senate without telling -- without involving the President and Democratic leaders. It just doesn't make sense.
According to the New York Times President Obama knew about the invitation before Netanyahu accepted. It was not the Israeli Prime Minister's responsibility to talk to the Democratic leaders, it was John Boehner's. But then again Boehner isn't Jewish, attacking the Jew is easier.

Remember Boehner's invitation to Netanyahu began "Dear Mr. Prime Minister: It is my honor, on behalf of the bipartisan leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, to extend to you an invitation.."

And it was bipartisan at the time.  The invitation was announced after ten Democratic Party Senators sent the President a letter that they may vote for new sanctions on Iran, Along with Menendez, the Democratic Sens. included Charles Schumer (NY), Richard Blumenthal (CT.), Gary Peters (MI.), Bob Casey Jr. (PA), Ben Cardin (MD), Chris Coons (DE), Joe Manchin (WV), Joe Donnelly (IN), and Debbie Stabenow (MI) signed the letter. There were three other Democratic Party senators who were not on the letter but cosponsored a sanctions bill during the last congress; Gillibrand (NY), Booker (NJ), and Bennett (CO). Those three are also likely to support such a new sanctions also.

Now granted Schumer is Jewish and you didn't attack him (but he is more of  a political hack more than a Jew) and Connecticut's Blumenthal says he's Jewish but he also claimed he served in Vietnam so we can't be sure of him.  So the question becomes why didn't you attack the 13 Senator's who attacked the President's Iranian policy? Was it because there weren't enough Jews in the group for you to make it an issue?

Here's the truth Rep. Rangel you are treating the leader of the Jewish State differently than you treat non-Jews.  If that is not Antisemitism I do not know what is.


Jeff Dunetz said...

Rangel should be in IRS prison (at the minimum)
Charlie - STFU!

Jeff Dunetz said...

Take your ugly black racist ass and commit suicide please

Jeff Dunetz said...

Rangel, go to hell with the rest of your kind! You don't deserve the air you breathe or one more dollar of OUR money. As a bottom feeding lowlife scum bag you've taken everything the WHITE men have done and made for you like the begger you are. You benefitted from the Jews, yes a Jewish man named Solomon, who save our troops from destruction and led us on to victory and the beginning of our country and you never said thank you. You conveniently forget or never wanted to know that WHITE republicans faught to end segration in the 1960's and never said thank you. You are a decrepit stain on everything Americans with a value system, value. You're picking on the wrong people mister. Look in the mirror and weep for your ugly days weilding racist unconstitutional Anti-this and Anti-that are over. You're a disgrace even to your own race. I look forward to listening to Godly black preachers who come against you. Wait for it.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Charlie Rangel To Bibi Netanyahu: Go To AIPAC With The Other Joooooos ??? Seriously? When did it become ok to speak like this? Isn't that conisdered hate speach? I guess it depends on who you offend.

Jeff Dunetz said...

Charlie is just another lazy and angry black BOY that the world owes