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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Poll: Americans WANT Netanyahu To Speak To Congress And Don't Like Obama's Reaction To Invite

A CNN poll released Tuesday found 63% of Americans oppose the way Republican leaders invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the Congress. What the poll didn't ask is do you want Netanyahu to speak? A poll released by Bloomberg news Tuesday evening asked the question and found by a 43%-25% margin Americans want Netanyahu to make the speech to Congress on March 3rd.

The poll conducted between February 12 and 16 among 1,563 respondents by Paragon Insights and commissioned by the Israel Project, was published by Bloomberg View and asks the questions CNN didn't (or didn't want to).

In the Paragon Poll (questionnaire and responses embedded below), respondents were asked which of two statements did they agree with more:

According to the results, 25% of 1,563 respondents to the new poll said they agreed more with this statement:
Some people say Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in the middle of an election at home, and it is inappropriate for the U.S. to host him for a speech only two weeks before the election is being held. They say this is a Republican attempt to make Netanyahu look stronger before his election.
43% percent of respondents said they agreed more with this one:
Other people say Iran is getting closer to building a nuclear weapon. As one of the world's most knowledgeable leaders on the Middle East and the Iranian nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu should address Congress before the March 31st deadline for a political framework with Iran.
33% did not know or had no opinion.

Interestingly while the CNN poll reported Americans are not happy with the way Boehner handled the invitation, this poll shows that Americans are also not happy with Obama's reaction to the poll by a 47%-32% margin.

By a 51%-41% Americans do not like the way Obama is handling foreign policy.

The CNN poll asked two questions only one was about the Netanyahu speech,
Do you think Congressional leaders did the right thing or the wrong thing by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress without first notifying the president that they would do so?
It was a good start but because of ignorance or bias, CNN didn't ask the questions above that would tell the full story.  Yes American's don't like that Boehner did not tell Obama before asking Bibi, but they do want Netanyahu to speak and the do not like Obama's reaction to the invite.

The entire poll questions and responses are embedded below:

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