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Folks, This is a Free Site and will ALWAYS stay that way. But the only way I offset my expenses is through the donations of my readers. PLEASE Consider Making a Donation to Keep This Site Going. SO HIT THE TIP JAR (it's on the left-hand column).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PLEASE HIT TIP JAR- To Upgrade "The Lid" To Keep It Running

Folks I haven't done a full-on fund raising drive in two years-- only the notice above all posts asking people to hit the tip jar. Some of you have contributed without an official "drive." There have been circumstances in recent weeks which have forced me to one again ask you to help keep this site alive with your donations.

There are MANY expenses associated with running this site, computers, Wi-Fi cards, travel to debates and conferences, subscribe to research, etc. I pick up most of the expenses myself but I need some of your help offset my expenses is through the donations of my readers.

This time however along with defraying some of the expenses associated with the site, I am hoping for donations to do a bit more. If only 1% of the nearly 80,000 individual people who visit this site on an average month chip in $18 (In Hebrew 18 is Chai or life) it will not only fund the blog, but it will allow for me to upgrade equipment, video software, purchase additional syndicated research, upgrade to a faster internet, and most importantly it will allow for the hiring of a designer to redesign site for an easier read and to move it to the superior Wordpress platform.

Folks PLEASE consider a donation not only to keep the side going but if possible to make the site even better.

Or as my friend Stacy McCain would say, "Just hit the dammed Tip Jar" (it's on the left-hand column).

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